You matter. I was processing through some thoughts this morning, wondering what to write about and dove deep a question that I have.

I wondered if what I write makes a difference to you. I wondered if I am positively impacting your life in any way? I wondered if all that I’m doing is making a difference. Or not?

I then followed that thread around in my consciousness for a bit and found a wound (I use wound loosely, as a belief or pattern that I am becoming aware of in my subconscious). The wound was a belief that I don’t matter. Wow, that was surprising to me, I thought I’d healed all that, so I dove deeper.

I noticed that I still care what you think, although wondering what you think doesn’t drive me the way it used to. I noticed that I still want to make a difference and be important. I noticed that I still have a thread of “I’m not doing enough, I have to try harder, it’s going to take more work.”

So as I reveal my heart and soul, as I reveal the shadows that lurk just behind my conscious awareness, I do the work to release them. I dive deep into them, follow the threads and pull each one up and out into the light of consciousness.

Then I remember, I’m doing this work not only to free myself, but for you too!

So, here’s the message from Spirit to you!
 You matter! You are enough! There is nothing in all the world you need to do today to be better, or enough, or loved. I love you. Just the way you are! I see you — in all your shadow and your brilliant light!

You never know who is watching you, who is being touched by your presence and you might never know. But your presence makes a difference in the world. If you are struggling, give yourself permission to struggle for today. If you are in a good place, celebrate that! Either way, go forth and be kind.

You might give the message to a stranger that he/she matters just by being kind. A kind word, a smile, a gentle act.

Remember: You matter and so does everyone else!

Originally published at on November 19, 2016.

Originally published at