Is there anywhere in your life where you feel that you hold yourself back from what you would like to do, or even love to do, because of, for example, the fear of being judged or fear of failure?

Would you rather shine as your true self and let others see you as you are as you share your gifts with the world?

I hear you. Trust me. 

I used to be the Queen of Fear of Failure, even though I have gotten a lot better (even though I might still sit for a few minutes..hours..days on her throne every now and then). 

The fear holds me back, even though I logically know that there is no such thing as failure. But wait, this is not a poor me story! The other day I had one of those moments when something shifted within me. What Oprah calls “an aha-moment”. 

I was listening to a podcast, where they were discussing fear, holding back and what to do if we want to shine and be seen, and they said that “Well, you might as well show up!”

That was it. 

It was like something within me opened up.

I might as well show up. 

It sounded so simple. And it is, isn’t it? 

It kind of takes the weight off our shoulders. 

It is like an exhalation into a softness, and in that softness, a new freedom can be found.

Keep doing what you are doing. Try something new. Be brave. Do something you never thought you would do. Share your beauty. Share your truth. Share what only you can share.

Shine and be seen as YOU. 

Does it scare you? Do you think you might fail? Well, you might as well show up and see how it turns out. What else have you got to do that is so important?

See you there!