Are you working from home right now? Ok, let me guess what your workstation may look like: a table or desk, laptop on it…maybe you have an external mouse but probably not. You have to look down at the laptop because it’s table height and your hands are kinda crunched on that tiny laptop keyboard.  It’s NOT an ergonomic laptop situation. 

Did I guess correctly? How did I know?

When we pivoted suddenly in 2020 to working from home, most of us didn’t have ergonomic friendly workspaces to shift to. So we made do and carried on. But it’s 2021 and we are DONE settling. It’s time to take care of our back, neck, arms and more by creating a workstation that SUPPORTS these important parts of our body. 

And let’s be real for a second – You can do posture exercises EVERY DAY (and you should!) but if you are working in an unhealthy posture environment, you will just keep undoing all your amazing progress. I really, really don’t want that to happen to you! Posture correction + ergonomic workspace = STRONG and healthy posture. 

Worried that this means lots of dollar signs?

I have some good news for you. Just bringing 3 products into your laptop work area can make a HUGE difference. 

First, you need a laptop stand. These metal stands adjust to YOUR eye height, bringing the laptop up to eye level. Your neck is already cheering right now! I highly recommend this one (aff link): Laptop Stand

Next, get an external keyboard. Not only is this necessary since we just lifted up your laptop, but the full size and shape will allow your hands to be in proper typing position. Finally, an external mouse plus mouse pad with wrist support will ease those hand pains.   

Adding these products to create your very own ergonomic laptop workstation won’t break the bank, and you will FEEL the transformation throughout your body. Comment below and tell me how this new set up feels for you!