Almost every mental flaw can be contributed to time and space dimensions. Space in this article attributing to mental energy created in relation to anxiousness, rather than physical space. Really consider how much these two dimensions give our very existence the ability to exist. We get anxious because we don’t know what will happen in the future (time) and generally feel anxious about the future because we are in a negative space- reality not matching our expectations.

Isn’t it wild to think how much two simple words cause millions of people agony by the second?

So let’s go down the rabbit hole of time and space dimensions of life and maybe by the end of this we all can develop new thoughts around them and as a result be less stressed.

Time and Space Defined: Time at its most root level is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present or future regarded as a whole. While space is defined as a continuous area or expanse that is free, available and unoccupied (what we see around us, ever-evolving).

Personal Story: A pivotal factor in relinquishing my need to control time and space at all times was reestablishing my faith in something bigger than me. No matter what you believe in, do you believe that this thing, person, being or entity will always guide you to your wildest dreams even if the path doesn’t look exactly like you imagined? My transition from a catholic upbringing to a spiritual being, with heavy ties in scientific research for our existence, was a rocky road but necessary. This expanded my faith in something bigger than me through flow and understanding.

Our ego often trips up on having things go perfectly and we become less resourceful, less adaptable because we mentally create a false sense of reality, the typical “you were supposed to be” thought that generally leads to a rush of negative emotions.

Last month, it was 3 pm at work and I was having the most difficult time staying focused. After 2 years of making my own schedule, being back in the 9–6 worlds has been quite a shock. Time-wise, I find 3 pm to be that odd hour where it’s after 2 pm but not quite 4 pm. At 4 pm, you know you have 2 hours of work left, and anything before 2 pm is a different time zone altogether. I was able to get out this time vortex (because it quite literally sucks up ALL YOUR MENTAL SPACE) by taking a walk and then coming to the realization that I am paying way too much attention to the time and not enough attention on completing my tasks. I certainly had enough work to stay until 7 PM that day, but the rat race mindset kicked in and the desire to rush home mentally consumed me.

I mean seriously think about time for a second (yes- pun intended), it’s not even physically real. Do we see time like how we see the computer or see humans? No. We see representations of time on our technological devices but we can’t walk up to time and say “Can you just slow down for a bit and let me catch my breath?”

According to standard scientific beliefs, the big bang theory created both space and time about 13.7 billion years ago. Along with this comes human aging (aging = toxic build-up in humans over time) and the ability to recall major events in chronological order and anxiety. Along with the continued progression of time we are living in an expanding universe that is still being created out of “nothing”, aka dark matter. This expanded universe makes up the “space” we are in whether it’s a clean home that invites us to create more or friends with high-level thoughts that make us want to evolve rather than gossip as the default.

How’s that for space?

When we think of time and space, we are thinking of where and how to categorize the events in our life. Events in our life boil down to the actions we take, which are a result of decisions, effort, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Maybe we often feel rushed by time and limited in space because we simply aren’t in control of our actions?

Sounds simple in theory but think about how much laziness, greed, and instant gratification deter us from the dreams we dream or the life that we know we deserve.

“I don’t have enough time, I’m already 30”

“My house isn’t big enough to workout”

“I’m running so late”

Seems like we have an inaction problem rather than issues with time and space.

When we don’t direct our actions to match the biggest, wildest dreams in our mind, we let time and space dimensions control us instead of deciding our actions. Acting with vigor and tenacity allows time and space to be in flow with the events of our life, not as a separate entity or chaos inducing.

To say I take all the actions I desire and live the life I imagined would be false. Half the reason this article exists is to reprogram my mind to finally work with time and space rather than against it. The other reason for this article is to hopefully relieve some anxiety from readers by adjusting their mental framework around space and time. While everyone’s anxiety source/triggers are different, I noticed whenever I am anxious, a big helping factor is the reformation of my understanding of time.

According to the book Sapiens, concern about the future and presumably the basis of anxiety arose with the Agricultural revolution. Harari says “Concern about the future was rooted not only in seasonal cycles production but also in the fundamental uncertainty of agriculture. Since most villages lived by cultivating a very limited variety of domesticated plants and animals, they were at the mercy of droughts, floods, and pestilence. Peasants were obliged to produce more than they consumed so that they could build up reserves. A peasant living on the assumption that bad years would not come didn’t live long…. Consequently, from the very advent of agriculture, worries about the future became major players in the theatre of the human mind.”

Before agriculture, and any real human progression, we lived in a flight or fight state of mind but we also live for the now, the threat directly in front of us, not planning for the “American Dream” with a significant other, two kids and white picket fence.

Combining the constant mental planning for a better life and preparation to not only avoid, but be able to effectively handle life triumphs and tribulations whenever they might occur, we also receive energy and information from the body part inside of us that knows no time, just an energetic pattern of what life will be if we make decisions that carry out of DNA’s full potential rather than limit it, the heart. I say DNA’s full potential here because this is the tangible unique aspect of us, but depending on your beliefs, the heart knows what the soul needs in order to survive and thrive for our individual purpose. Debates on whether or not we have a purpose is a common notion but one thing is for sure, we are all uniquely coded through DNA that has survived the test of time and thus we all have reason to exist, even if it feels random and unsure.

In the book The Science of the Heart, Heartmath states “New research shows the human heart is much more than an efficient pump that sustains life. Our research suggests the heart also is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity and enhanced intuitive capacities”. Think about all those times you hear “just follow your heart” or “the heart knows what it wants”. Based on the premise of time and space being dimension we control, unique DNA for each human and the existence itself is a variation of matter in non-physical and physical forms, it makes sense that intuition can originate from the heart. With the heart being the only organ that beats 24/7 whilst other parts of the body can pause their workload, we should look to the heart more closely. Whenever I am feeling anxious, I sometimes simply stop the rabbit hole of thoughts by taking a deep breath and saying ‘heart, I trust you.’

Repeated consumption of toxic spaces, whether it’s an article that disturbs us or acidic food like burgers and fries, causes a major disconnect between the heart and the brain. It also promotes inaction so we live in the thought region of worry, fear, and anxiousness instead of taking action.

Mentally controlling time and space is to understand that we are just creating what the heart wants with the environments we start with-but have the ability to change- requires us to take action. It is to think abundantly as we realize time and space can be controlled if we just find purpose and do not let the mind control us but rather control the mind. As with most situations, it is easier said than done but thinking about the notions mentioned in this article as a basis for rebuilding your mental framework around time and space, you will be able to take more control of your actions and worry less about the time or space you are given to create.

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