You Need to Feed Your Soul Daily

Feeding your soul??? You must be wondering what it could be, especially, people who are newly awakening or into the spiritual world or existence of knowledge or moving towards spiritual growth as a newbie.

Feeding your soul here means feeding it with all positive you can from the beginning of the day until you go to sleep, you need to make sure you talk to yourself on soul level daily with all positive affirmations.

As we all know, we all are light beings, we have a purpose of existence on this earth and we will be going back to that divine light of the universe, the God, the divine.

I am Light!

The moment you start your day, start it with gratitude and thanks to the divine for blessing you with another day of life where you can start a new chapter of your life. Try to fix your mistakes, learn something new, or earn an opportunity to serve back to the universe in any form like a donation, helping a needy, feeding the poor etc.

Go into the Sunlight, try to feel the connection with mother earth when standing bare-feet, to help you stay grounded, imagine the bright white light of the Sun coming onto you and enveloping you with its bright light all around your Aura, Body, Soul and you are shining with this light from within and outside.

This is the time when you feel oneness with the Holy Divine Light, invoke or remember your deity or God as a divine and say your positive affirmations.

We all are part of the Divine Light
We all a soul of Love!

Bring your Focus on being one with this divine light, talk to it, feed positive and new promises with your own self which give you a sense of encouragement, Self-worth, confidence and the divine love of the Universe. Open your heart, be receptive and ready to receive all that comes only from the God, the Divine. Ask for your daily guidance if you are strongly connected, and if you have just started practicing, start with positive affirmation as a daily dose/food to your soul. We need to make sure we do every possible thing to keep our souls active, bright, happy and contended with universal love and blessings.

Remember, who we are and how being in sync with the divine and universal energies can positively impact our lives so much.

Keep feeding your soul with Divine Love, Visualizations of your goals, positive affirmations and Blessings, and guidance from the Divine coming to you. This will help you in growing more as a person, as a soul and moreover, you will start noticing positive changes in your life.

I am in harmony with the universe!

Stay Positive, Healthy and Blessed!

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