Alot happens in life that doesn’t make sense. Other times I think I have all the answers only to find out I misunderstand an awful lot.

I’m no stranger to letting my active and problem-solving mind try to figure out a situation or predict the future based on looking at one snippet, one frame if you will, of a very long story.

Can you relate?

What we don’t see is what’s happening outside the frame.

We don’t see the myriad of characters and circumstances that preceded the frame we’re observing. We don’t see what’s going to unfold in the future frames either.

Sometimes our creative brains try to imagine what’s outside the frame, both past and future, but these thoughts are made up by our own beliefs and biases.

Like the time a group of us planned a surprise birthday lunch for a friend. Some elaborate planning got her to come to the restaurant without knowing about the little party we’d planned. She saw a group of us walking in and immediately thought, “I thought they were my friends, how come they’re all here and didn’t invite me??”

When I feel tempted to jump to conclusions about why someone behaved a certain way or chose to do something that doesn’t make sense to me…picture frame.

When I see stories on the news that seem upsetting. ..picture frame.

If I feel myself starting to judge a situation,…picture frame.

We can only really see what’s going on in the present frame.

Recognizing this takes my human ego out of the situation, and it helps me stay grounded in the present moment.

It helps me release old patterns, and it stops me from making assumptions that are plain wrong, or at the least, misguided.

It gives me a fresh and neutral perspective which opens doors to possibilities I couldn’t see before.

And what’s the result of all this?

More happiness. More inner peace. Healthier relationships.

Stay grounded in the present by knowing you’re only witnessing one frame in a very long story.

Without all that interference from your ego, you’ll be happier and more at ease.

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