By Sabriya Dobbins, Life Discovery Expert and Founder of Project Passport

It is a New Year on January 1, 2020. And guess what? You get a whole new slate—a clean slate that is—to paint your picture for what this year will bring.

2019 was the year you made some mistakes. You said some things you would not say now. You did some things you may regret. You faced some losses physically and emotionally. You lost yourself once or twice. You laughed. You cried. You screamed. You whispered. You smiled. You frowned. You experienced the highs of highs and the lows of lows.

But let’s not forget 2019 was the year some great things happened. You got that degree. You may have found love. You could have experienced a breakthrough. Maybe you decided to take that leap into your business. Or you tried out for that role. Nonetheless, these good things happened for you and for those you are proud.

Too bad the negative of 2019 wants to hitch a ride into 2020 with you.

Here’s the thing. YOU OWE 2019 NOTHING. It does not get to travel with you. You decide what parts of that year you would like to pack on your trek into 2019. Lessons learned? Take them! Blossoming love? Grab it! Growing friendships? Bring them right along! Successes you are proud of? They can join the ride too.

Guilt can stay back. Shame cannot fit into the car. Regret, well there is no room. Negative thoughts and self-hate missed their ride. All of these things meant to ruin 2020 right as it begins will not be able to join you on the journey to the life you want.  

My biggest advice to you as you walk, ride, and/or fly into 2020? Pack light. You’ll have so many beautiful new souvenirs and things by the end of this new year, that there won’t be room for all of the pesky negative emotions and aspects of life desperate to tag along.

2019 can keep its bad friends. Its broken hearts. Its broken relationships. Its broken budgets.

2020 is waiting with open arms with new accomplishments, goals, dreams, relationships, and opportunities that will simply blow your mind. 2020 OWES you everything…if you put in the work.