Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a creative project and out of nowhere you lose interest? Have you ever been on the brink of change and suddenly can’t remember why you wanted to make a shift in the first place? Can you think of a time when you faced a personal or professional challenge and couldn’t come up with one good solution to a fairly straightforward problem?

Are you stuck on something right now?

I’ve got (good) news for you! You likely aren’t/weren’t stuck, but rather just scared. See our mind is more concerned with keeping us safe than keeping us moving. It wants easy, automatic, and predictable. We should appreciate we have automatic responses that keep us alive. And also, we have to work hard to notice when we aren’t in real danger and pushing past discomfort is actually in our best interest.

After getting super stuck (read: super scared) on a professional project recently, I got myself back in motion in no time using this simple process. Now it is your turn!

The Stuck to Stoked Process

Step 1: Notice when your “I’m stuck” pattern is present.

Step 2: Step away from the doing and turn your outward gaze inward by taking a few deep breaths.

Step 3: Name the emotion under your pattern for what it really is (most of the time it is FEAR!).

Step 4: Get curious (and compassionate) and ask yourself, “What are you so afraid of?”. Let the answers gently surface.

Step 5: Acknowledge and thank that part of you that is feeling scared for speaking up.

Step 6: Connect to your WHY by asking the question, “Now what are you missing out on/giving up if you don’t get unstuck and go for it?”. Allow the answers to come. Continue asking “What else?” until you get to your biggest/truest motivator for achieving your goal.

Step 7: Shake on it. Make an agreement with yourself that you are pursuing this thing no matter what.

Step 8: Take the next step forward (and then the next and the next…). Repeat this process as necessary to keep yourself moving along your journey.

Your biggest obstacle to creating your best life and doing your best work is…YOU. The next time you notice your pattern is taking you out of the game, keep this sequence handy and get yourself going again. 

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Sarah Anassori is a Holistic Executive Coach on a mission to guide the next generation of heart-centered leaders to step into the work [and way of working] they were made for. Sarah seamlessly unites her years of traditional business experience with her passion for mindful living, personal innovation, and authentic leadership to bring a strategic + spiritual approach to career transitions. You can find her on Instagram and at