Over 40? You’re probably too old to be a Prima Ballerina or pitch for the MLB.

You won’t be invited to try out for the Rockettes and unless you are a Veteran you are most likely too old to work for the CIA or FBI.

There’s a good possibility that you are too old to start to train for the Olympic Gymnastics team unless you’re planning for the senior team and still ordering the kid’s meal because it’s cheaper and you can justify eating fewer fries, well you’re just TOO OLD TO DO THAT!

But, you are not too old to change careers, start a business, learn a new trade, start a new hobby or create a plan for making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Clients often ask me if they are too old to start a business.

John Pemberton developed the recipe for Coca- Cola at age 55, Colonel Sanders created his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken at 63 and at age 71, Lucille Green became Visiting Angels oldest Franchisee.

Think You Are Too Old To Do That?

Being successful is a combination of mindset, determination and good planning. People with experience often have the best chance of having those three criteria.

Being over 40 generally means you have a clearer perspective about what you really want in life.You have most likely faced enough disappointment to have a better sense of what’s important and what really is just another bump in the road.

I think the biggest drawback for people over 40 is thinking too much time has already been wasted.

Are You Too Old To Move On?

Coming out of college in debt, maybe you thought that money would be a great incentive towards enjoying your work.

But, money doesn’t buy happiness and that career you trained for can become a landmine of disillusionment in just a few years.More than 1 in 3 graduates regret the major they chose and Over 50% of Americans are disengaged at their job.

But you stay. Because you have responsibilities, bills, dependents and a fear you are too old to do anything else.

You stay at a job you dislike because you believe someday it will be better; when you get promoted,when you make more money, when your boss retires, when the company lands that big client.

In your heart, you know you want to do something else.You have a vision for how you want to earn your living.You know where and how you want to work.You just need it to be the right time and then you will leave.

But the right time never comes. There is always another excuse to stay.

You are afraid you won’t find the time to create the work you love while you work at the job you don’t.You are afraid your idea doesn’t have merit.You are worried you will be taking too big of a risk, worried no one will take you seriously, worried you are too old.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: you get older every minute whether you start now or later.

You’re only too old for something if you wait until you’re too old to discover it, pursue it and enjoy it.(Okay, maybe enjoying the kid’s meal fries is not something anyone is too old for).

Age is a number.Waiting is a decision.

Let me show you how to grow your dream job while still working at your day job.Schedule a complimentary 45 minute consult today. You’re not too old to do that!

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