It is crucial to come to a realization that life is not about putting yourself on a pedestal. It is about helping other people succeed. You only achieve durable success by being a servant to the needs of other people.

I was going through the profile of Kunal Shandilya on Medium. That is when I came across an article titled “why do you want all these followers?” It sparked the idea for this article and made me remember a quote I came across a while back by Neal Walsch.

A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but the one who creates most leaders — Neale Donald Walsch

It is true that leadership is not all about getting more followers. It is about the people you inspire to grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. I have come across people who want more followers on their Instagram and Facebook pages. They post content that contributes little to adding value to other people’s lives.

I was one of those people once.

I was impatient with the growth of my platform. It compelled me to research ways to grow my platform fast. What I found out was that there is no fast way to growth and impact. There are no shortcuts.

You have to be patient and create an impact that matters.

You have to do the work that gives rather and doesn’t take away.

You have work with the aim of inspiring instead of feeding people dopamine that lasts for a little while.

Your life is not for you but other people.

You weren’t put here on earth to live a life contributing little to the world. You weren’t born for yourself but for others.

You have to live a life of service. You have to serve others. Doing so will lead you to finding fulfilment and happiness, achieving success and fulfilling your purpose.

You cannot amount to much in this world if you don’t live for the service of others.

I went on a journey of self-discovery to find out who I was and what God intended for me to do when he put me on earth.

I had to re-do my final grade because I didn’t qualify for the course I wanted to do in university. I was planning on studying Law but God had other plans for me. When I was repeating, I got a lot of clarity. It was during then that I got saved, became part of CRC and found my purpose in life.

I got saved 2 years ago and gave my life to Jesus. The day I got baptized was the day I discovered my purpose. Before I gave my life to Jesus, I used to be very angry and I didn’t know what life had for me when I left high school.

On my day of baptism, I found out my name means determined protector. It was astonishing finding out, but I still didn’t know what I was supposed to protect.

Days and months went by without knowing what or who needed my protection. Because I had struggled with my thoughts, God revealed that I was supposed to protect the minds of people.

This meant I was to lead people out of the matrix.

Today I am able to do so through writing. I am inspiring people to change their mindset to experience extraordinary success.

I want to create more leaders. I want you to win. I want you to have all you have been longing for in your life. I’m not in the business of gathering up more followers- not in life or on social media. Between having more followers or creating more leaders, choose the latter.

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