You think there is a cost to change, but what is it costing you to stay stuck?

Let’s be honest. There’s never a “right” time to make a change in our lives, let alone a MAJOR change.

We only create reasons or excuses not to change.

When we start feeling that call to make a change we get scared because we’re human.

We can’t see the “how” behind how to get from here to there, so we get overwhelmed and we don’t do anything.

We make excuses.

We say that we’re too busy.

We’re too old.

It’s too late.

I can’t afford it.

Truth time ?


There aren’t any external circumstances that hold you back from being, doing, and having the life you want. 

Just YOU.

The truth is that God does not put a dream on our hearts that is not meant to be achieved.

And here’s the thing. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

You don’t have to settle for the cards that you’ve been dealt.

It’s okay to admit that you’re not in love with your work anymore. Or the relationship. Or lifestyle. You once may have been, and now you’ve changed and that’s okay.

In fact, that’s a great thing because our souls crave expansion and it is natural for us to grow and evolve over time and to want to pursue new and different desires.

Chances are you’re plenty busy worrying about what it could cost you to change, but are you even thinking about what price you’re paying to stay where you are?

What is it costing you to stay comfortably unhappy in your life?

Is it costing you your integrity with others, AND with yourself?

Is it costing you happiness?

Is it costing you fulfillment?

Is it costing you your health?

What kind of example are you setting for those you love, for YOURSELF when you intentionally stay in situations, in jobs, and in relationships that you know aren’t in alignment with your deepest values, with WHO YOU ARE?

You can have work and a life you love.

Whatever that is, don’t be afraid to pursue it because when you follow what’s on your heart?

There is NO failure.

It’s time to move forward.

The first step is to get honest with yourself about what you really want regardless of any perceived limitations that you think that there are.

Then the next step?

Create a plan.

Then take action from that plan.

And 90% of making a transition in your life is MINDSET.

It is so important for you to set yourself up for success with an abundant mindset. It’s not about deserving what you want, because you were born to deserve what you want.

It’s about BELIEVING that you can receive it.

So get honest with yourself, get clear on what you want, make a plan, and take action, believe, and be open to receive.

Don’t allow yourself to stay in the same place unhappy, unfulfilled, and unchallenged in your life at this time next year.

You can do this on your own, or you can fast track your transformation and invest in support because staying where you are is also costing you time ?

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