You’ve changed. You’ve experienced a shift in consciousness that has changed the dynamic of your existing relationships. People and behaviors that used to resonate with you, no longer do. Likewise, people that you didn’t resonate with before, now feel as if you share more in common.

A common experience (I like to call them learning opportunities) around following your purpose and living more authentically is navigating change in your relationships with others.

It can feel challenging, but don’t take personally anyone who doesn’t agree or support the changes you’re making in your life. It has nothing to do with you.

There are 3 things you need to understand that will help you better manage the changes you’re experiencing in your relationships.

Everyone is on their own path.

Each person has their own set of talents, gifts, life experiences, and conditioning that make up who they are. People shift at different times in life and that’s why you no longer resonate with someone who you once felt in synch with, and vise versa.

You don’t need others approval.

The only reason you think you need others approval is because that’s what you were told, likely at a young age. The only opinion that matters is the one about yourself. Friends and family are well meaning, but unless someone is actually traveling a similar path, then they can’t really give you solid advice on how to move forward.

Like attracts like.

Everything is energy, a frequency if you will. Your frequency has changed. Some of the relationships you’re no longer an energetic match with will fade away and you will attract new relationships based on who you are now.

What’s intended for you will never pass you. Let the relationships in your life fade away that are no longer a match so you’re open to receive the new ones that are.

If you want support with how to navigate this and other changes in your life, I would love to help.

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Article originally published here on LinkedIn on November 10, 2017.