But where do you start?

I had a master teacher who would retell an ancient teaching about changing the world. The bottom line is this – the only person you can change is yourself.

And the time is NOW. You don’t have to “be ready” or wait until the “perfect moment”.

The universe is very supportive, you will be given what you need to change in the perfect timing for you!

However, you need to start and …

Start with your own world – start with YOURSELF, not your children, not your wife, not others, but with YOU.

Changing others may seem like a perfect solution – if others change in the way you want them to, then the world would be great (according to your perspective.)

The truth is: You are the only one you can change You! You have to do the work, step on the path, and start your journey for yourself.

Even though you have to do it “alone” you don’t have to be “alone”. I had another master teacher that describes Alone as also ALL ONE.

You can be supported along the way. Having a guide, a teacher, a healer, and/or a therapist, someone that has walked down the path just ahead of you can help you feel understood, safe, and supported as you heal and grow.

There are wonderful, supportive options out there to heal; but ultimately it is YOUR FREE WILL AND UP TO YOU.

Start with asking yourself a couple questions: and share in the comments so you can be supported.

How can you be the leader in your own life?

Do I trust my intuition?

What does freedom look like to me?

What practices do I need to have in my life that will support my self discovery and healing?

Remember to ALWAYS be gentle with yourself and your wounds as you heal your trauma. Healing your traumas are a gift to yourself and the world.