This evening I got the pleasure of attending one of the #WomenEd Czech meetings organized in Prague, Czech Republic. It was for the first time I went to their events and was so nice to find a community of women that want to find themselves or discover their strengths, but above all, that support each other.

This session was mainly focused on Educational industry, most of the people in the room being teachers. It was interesting to meet people from another area that the one I’m actively working in, to see what are the issues they’re facing and to realize that actually, some of the issues faced by me in the daily job are the same as theirs. That made me aware that maybe is not about the job or about the people, but it’s about knowing what are you struggling at and work on improving those bullets. It also reminded me of the period when I was preparing to be a teacher and how much I changed since then, realizing that I was missing getting in touch with people from the school environment.

The whole event was full of useful information, from how to prepare your CV, some key points that you always have to remember when writing it, to how to nail an interview, ending with tips on how to prepare yourself for a promotion. But what it touched me, personally, the most was what Subarna Gupta said in her speech: <<If you want to have a voice, to be heard, you first have to ask yourself this question: “What do I have to say that I should be heard?”>>.

That’s a lesson for every day: before wanting to be heard, you need to make sure that you have something useful to talk about. This applies in any aspect of our lives, not only in the work environment.

Big applause for the women that stood in front of us today! Them speaking from their experiences made me remember that I’m not alone in this, that everyone confronts with more of the issues I get to face on a daily basis, and that there is room for improvement and support from others.

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