YOU WEREN’T BORN SERIOUS! Seriously, you weren’t! You adopted this way of thinking somewhere in your childhood. Do you remember when? 

As a baby, you react to your life experience. If hungry, wet or cold you may cry which often brings food, a diaper change or a hug. A baby does not think about why it takes so long for a response or think their parent is mad at them. They use the gift of thought but they don’t think against themselves. They don’t worry about what others think about them. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t complain. They don’t think they can’t do something. 

Worry is one example of a thought that is learned. A colleague of mine once asked “who is the guy that suggested that Worry is a good thing to do”? Many consider Worry as a badge of honour! They believe worrying about their kids and the world situation shows they care! But actually all it does is elevate blood pressure and cause mental distress. So, why worry? 

Once I realized how serious I had become, I recognized that I had lots of unproductive thinking that was responsible. 

– I used to worry a lot! When I realized it was not beneficial and in fact detrimental, it made sense to stop.

– I used to hold grudges a lot! When I realized I was suffering all weekend and they were not, it made sense to stop. 

-I used to gripe & complain a lot! When I realized that I was feeding the problem and my emotional suffering, it made sense to stop. 

Once you UNDERSTAND the power of Thought, your unproductive, unnecessary and negative thinking will start to drop away. It is only natural. You begin to recognize you can’t control thoughts but you can choose to entertain them or let them pass like clouds in the sky. Quieting the mind takes you back to being like a child again. Remember… You weren’t born serious! 

What do you gain by being less serious? … lightheartedness, resilience, peace of mind, joy, curiosity, humour, playfulness  ENJOY!