• Don’t worry about going to the gym today.
  • Don’t worry about doing your assignment.
  • Why worry about doing this task now, there’s always another time.
  • Eat that food, it’s just one plate.
  • Why clean up, make the bed, do the chores? Besides, you can always do it some other time.
  • Don’t border calling the client today, he’ll feel too special or feel like you’re disturbing him/her.
  • Why study or read, there’s no point. Besides its too hard.
  • Why start that podcast, YouTube, or business? The competition is too much, you might fail.       

Does any of this sound familiar?

There’s a scientific research that shows that 92 per cent of people never get to achieve their goals and desires. There are many reasons for that and the most part, it doesn’t rely solely on the fact that most people don’t set goals. It goes way beyond goal setting and has to do more with the habits we’ve set for ourselves over the years.

Habits are a series of repeated activities, behaviors, and patterns in our lives. It is stimulus-response learning formed by repetition. These repeated patterns forms the foundation of how we operate in our day to day lives and also determine how we make decisions. Most people don’t realize the impact of their behaviors – like browsing different social media when bored, procrastinating, etc. our actions if not observed can make us loose track of time, procrastinate, and make things seem impossible.

As growth and personal development coach, I’ve had the opportunity to become aware of why in most times, I never get to realize my goals, and I’ve also had the opportunity to gain first-hand experiences of why so many entrepreneurs never achieve the goals they set for themselves or never get to follow through on a commitment.

Reason Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals.

The Mind

It is often said that what we think has a way of impacting how we see and perceive ourselves. It’s rather unfortunate that many people never take the time to examine their thoughts and subsequent actions. Research goes to tell us that “the brain constitutes only about 2 per cent of the human body, yet it is responsible for all of the body’s functions.”  That is to say, everything we do in life depends largely on our brain – the mind. The reason why most people never get to achieve their goals revolve around the fact that they haven’t discipline the mind to follow through on a goal or desire in life.

To succeed, we have to learn to control our minds and weed it of negative self-talk and thoughts.

Unconducive Environment

When it comes to actualizing a goal, no greater factor influences our achievement like our environment. Our environment is one of the main factors that determine our level of motivation and enthusiasm to follow through on our desires or goals.

When you live in an environment that is surrounded by limitations, and all you see are limitations, it can be quite draining to motivate yourself to take action in such kind of environment. This is why it’s in our best interest to change from an environment that impacts us negatively.

If you want to achieve your goals and desires, you must hack your environment and design it in a way that it supports your goals and desires.


Just like our environment, association do matter a lot. Who you associate with goes a long way to influence how you perceive the world around you. When you associate with negatively minded people, the chances of them rubbing up on you is pretty high. That is why it’s mostly advised that we associate with people who inspire and motivate us to do better in life.

The magnitude of Action Required (Too Larger, you feel overwhelmed and too small you become complacent)

Magnitude here represents the level of our goal or desires. Too large and it can overwhelm or intimidate us and when it’s too low, it creates complacency. The important thing here is to create a balance and adopts a mindset of one step at a time when the goal is too large. Also, it’s important to breakdown any goal that is large into smaller chunks or segment. After doing so, its important to start from the least and build momentum.

To help you achieve your goal, you need to always break down your goals, avoid tacking it all at once because it will drain you and make it seem impossible.