Hard Work= Success- (Work&Life balance)

Smart Work= Success+ (Work&Life balance)

Note:- Smart work is the kind of Work which generates the value equivalent or more to hard work but in significantly less time.

In simple words, if you are doing hard work let me congratulate you first. One day you will become successful definitely, but you will lose the Work&Life balance.

So if you want to maintain the Work&Life balance with your success, you must do the smart work and the first rule of smart work is to increase your own productivity.

You must finish the tasks in the best possible time and with the highest value.

Here are some modern rules of workplace productivity. If you follow this guide with proper dedication your productivity will increase 5X.

1. Clean that mess.

No offense but if your desk looks like a replica of garbage box, the first thing you should do is clean that mess.

  • Keep your desk clean
  • Organize all the files
  • Make it a habit to clean your desk and organize files regularly.

Keeping your workplace untidy should always be your first priority. It will also help you to find the right thing at the right time, which in turn will increase your efficiency.

A clean desk will also improve your mood and make your more motivated towards the task.

2. Keep your distraction minimum.

This will come Straight to your face.




Your Mobile phone is your greatest distraction!!!

The first thing you must do is to switch off all the unnecessary notifications in your phone. Your workplace must be the least distracting place of your life. Just do your work when at your workplace nothing else.

Your internet connection is a double-edged sword. Keep it pointed at your work otherwise it will cut you apart in no time.

3. Power breaks (like power naps).

Have you ever heard about power naps?

“Power breaks ” concept is the like power naps. The human mind cannot work efficiently for longer periods. Power breaks must be placed between your work time.

90 minutes of work time and 10 minutes of power break is sufficient.

Students can use the Pomodoro technique.

  • 25 minutes of study.
  • 5 minutes break.
  • 50 minutes of study.
  • 10 minutes break.

4. Less coffee and more water.

Drinking water is so much important to keep yourself hydrated, But there is also a direct connection between water and productivity.

Drinking water at regular intervals keeps your brain hydrated which in turn increase the concentration level.

Higher the concentration higher will be productivity.

5. Motivation is a must.

Sometimes we don’t feel motivated. It is best to decorate your workplace with motivational posters which inspires you.


  1. A wallpaper on your pc with an inspiring quote.
  2. Can paste poster right in front of your desk.
  3. Can write quotes on sticky notes and paste it

6. Multitasking is the hidden culprit.

There was a time when people used to think that multitasking is productive. But recent studies showed that multitasking could decrease the productivity level of an individual.

Never do Multitasking after reading this. One task at a time and you will be fine.

7. Divide and Rule.

Ever read about Divide and Rule policy of British? No, we are not reading the history here. You can use the same concept in your Work.

Divide your tasks into Smaller tasks. Then work on each part separately with full concentration.

This is the best way to Complete a Giant task with ease.

8. Hunt your Task Down.

You must track the path to the finish line.

Create a checklist to tick down every item when you complete it. It will give you a boost of confidence too.


Here is a short summary of the above article.

  1. keep your desk clean.
  2. Keep your phone and internet use minimum.
  3. Take proper breaks.
  4. Drink water at proper intervals.
  5. Keep inspiring quotes and poster at your workplace.
  6. Don’t multitask.
  7. Break your task into smaller tasks.
  8. Make a checklist and tick down each item when completed.

Originally published at legendwithinyou.com