So here you are, just recently you identified a new career in writing. For the first months, you are enjoying the writing job. On your second month, you realize that your new amazing career has changed your life both positively and negatively. How is it influencing you negatively? Read on to get the answers.

Writers spend most of their time reading and writing which makes them drop their social life. The good news is, if you work smart you must get your stable and sustainable income. The fact that you spend most hours on your laptop makes it rare for a writer to take time to be with themselves.

In a world where there are many health-related diseases, being healthy and fit is vital for a risk-free life and longevity. Note that, by now you discover that you have no friends and you are on the long and lonely writing journey. In addition, you start to notice that you are amassing weight and your body feels so tired. So, the question arises ‘what do I do?’

The writer’s health and wellness tips


While most people don’t really understand the essence of meditation on their day to day lives, meditation is vital for everyone. It increases balance in your life and especially makes you connect to your inner being.

While stress is known to cause health and wellness problems, most writers cannot run from the fact that every now and then they get stressed due to the pressures of a writer’s lifestyle. Meditation reduces stress and makes you stay happy.

The difference between a writer who takes time to meditate and one that doesn’t is the level of focus. The focus ability is at an optimum level which makes it easy for one to write within a short duration and engage in other activities too.

Meditation is essential for your mental wellbeing. In addition, it connects your body mind and spirit which gives you full control of your life and activities. In fact, if you meditate and visualize the kind of body you want then believe it to be true, your body has no choice but to follow suit. Be it a rare kind of illness or weight gain with meditation you can be heal all kind of health-related illness. Because you let your spirit guiding you into taking proper actions.

Moreover, if you find that you have already amassed unnecessary weight and wish to extract it forever, you will need to shift your paradigm image first. Have you ever seen those who lose weight and then gain again within a short duration? You don’t want to be part of this right? Conduct a subconscious mental attitude change to gain a perfect weight.

Include some short breaks

As a writer, you can organize your work in such a way that you have some short breaks. During the short breaks, ensure you get up move to your bedrooms upstairs or to the kitchen for somebody stretch. According to Ashleigh Ahlquist a program manager at a provident financial group you don’t have to walk out of your desk to be stretching. Here are some of his fitness exercises you can partake in your work schedule.

Be careful of the food you take

When you spend most of your time working on your desk computer, your body has the tendency to yearn for carbohydrates. This will essentially lead to weight gain. Ensure you take a balanced, nutritious and nourishing diet. Take more vegetables as opposed to carbohydrates. Remember, water is life so include about 8 glasses of water in your daily meals.

Exercise regularly

Assuming you have achieved financial wellbeing, you need to realize that its necessary to achieve human wellbeing which includes emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing. Only when you have achieved this, will you experience a joyful life.

It’s important to include “me-time” on your schedule. This is when you either engage in exercises or just take time to be with yourself. Plan to join a gym, buy home gym equipment for use, take a walk, run or jog.

Dedicate not less than an hour for full body workout per day to reap the benefits. You will realize that after working out your brain will be active enough to generate articles and information you would have never gotten.


You heard me, rest. Some writers will refuse to rest even when their bodies clearly demand rest. What they don’t understand is that the reason you experience writer’s block at times is fatigue. Make friends with your body and listen to it.

Your body is always talking to you, therefore, when you need a nap go ahead and nap who knows, you may be able to access ideas during your nap sessions. A body that takes a rest gets rejuvenated and ready to begin the day actively.

Practice the energy-boosting activities

When evening or afternoon docks and your vitality is completely drained, it may be time to make use of your energy boosting techniques. According to Adam Brady of Deepak Chopra centre, the quick fixes to energy drained body is often to take snacks or caffeine leading to overstimulation of our nervous system.

If you will use the holistic mind-body approach where you boost your energy levels, you will end up being more productive. The reason why most people love these practices is that they not only help you boost your energy but also engage the body in some minor form of workout. Kindly consider checking Adams mind-body practices to boost your energy.

Maintain a proper posture

While this may be so challenging for most writers, it’s vastly essential if you intend to have a long healthy life. Ensure you get a comfortable desk and chair that aid in your sitting posture. Slouching on the seat makes it hard for you to concentrate and you get rapidly tired. In addition, over time if you continue to slouch, your spinal cord may develop some injuries making you spend a lot of money on health.

In conclusion

Writing is one of the oldest and most amazing careers in the world today. There are massive challenges that writers face that you need to know and brace yourself to face them. One of the major challenges is self-health and wellness. While it may be fun to earn more and more money or vastly travel writing take time to be your own best friend and take care of your personal needs as well.