What is your worth?

Hey, why not ask the question as I see that ads, marketing, pitches, conferences, events, clubs, groups and the like all draw you to that very question, and why not, we fall for it a lot of the time.

What’s the draw? We may believe that they know something that we don’t. We get sucked into the idea that we MUST need this in order to ….. do what? What exactly do we want to do?

When we fall down that rabbit hole, we are put into this incredibly massive net that has been cast out into the world. This net is baited with; “You can make six-figures. Get rich quick. Follow This and you will have the [fill in the blank] of your dreams.” By casting this huge net, it hopes that we get caught up and entangled where the only thing to do is to sign-up, call now, join because after all we’ve already been caught up, hook, line and sinker. And we certainly don’t want to feel as if we’re missing out. We may be thinking; “If I don’t join then what if I’m missing an opportunity of a lifetime!!” 

It’s a game. A remarkable game of attaching oneself or a product/service to a recognizable and distinguished brand, and then poof, we’re hooked. You know, when you see; ‘appeared in Forbes, New York Times, NBC, Hollywood Reporter.’The hook.

What we don’t know is the behind the scenes of how exactly this connection was made in the first place. Of course, it could be legit, or maybe a favour pulled. We don’t really know, nor really care. What matters is if we see that others have invested their time and money into something or someone then it MUST be worth it! The question becomes, worth it for who, exactly? 

I’m no better or worse than anyone else. What I do worry about however is, with all this marketing spin we tend to doubt ourselves. We start to think that we’re not good enough, worthy enough, or that we don’t have what it takes. When the question we should be asking ourselves is; “What do I want and why?” Once we answer THAT, then the ‘how to’ will appear. Not in a nice neat package, as that’s not the reality of life, but we’ll figure it out if we’re willing to put in the effort.

When we come from a place of what is it that we want rather than ask ourselves; Why do we want something, then the what is your worth question seems to be the driving force. Which then has us questioning our worth. Not a healthy place to start. It will never serve us the way a question like; “Why it is that I’m doing something.” This question should help to motivate and inspire you even when what you want to achieve seems unattainable.  

You. Yes. You.

Start by first believing in yourself. You probably know just as many stories as I do of people that were told they couldn’t do something, or that they’ll never amount to anything and POOF, with determination, perseverance and I’m SURE the motivation of naysayers accomplished what they set out to do. It’s remarkable how that happens.

We tend to gravitate toward something and/or people, especially as entrepreneurs because the very thought of creating something on our own, albeit incredibly exhilarating, can also be, and often is, a lonely endeavour. And exhausting.

On the other hand, if you’re at a stage in your life where you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that you want to be doing, then I suggest that you take some time to write out all the things that motivate, inspire, and/or you think would energize you. Take time to reflect before you jump into hitching yourself to someone else’s wagon.

The reason why I’m saying this is because when we’re looking for motivation, support, help and/or guidance we typically get swayed by the hype. I’m suggesting that you get grounded in your thinking and the actions you want to take, before you feel compelled to bounce into the hype.

Yep, I’m going to say it as I believe it: You are enough. So, start with that and then gather the resources that will build on those strengthens.

You’re worth it!


  • Amy Goldberg

    Founder + CEO @ Push Back [Action, Growth, Engagement Strategist, Writer], International Speaker, Author, Producer [Creative Entrepreneur]

    Push Back

    Amy Goldberg is a creative entrepreneur + founder + CEO of Push Back; 'creating things to inspire people.' Often you need to push back to push forward. Amy's book BE YOUR TRUTH shows people how to identify, defeat, and deconstruct the inner barriers preventing us from taking decisive action. Her work includes creative producing, action, growth & connection strategy, business building, well-being advocating and writing. She works with several business sectors and thrives where she can share how to rethink and redefine the way business is run, and how one can lead a vibrant and optimistic life.