Have you ever asked yourself: What motivates people or how do I motivate someone? Just like an athlete has to psych themselves up to face.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story of yours and how motivation impacts your success?

I always wanted to create something useful that improved my life, and this alone was a massive motivation for me. I realized how essential and convenient the website Simple.Savr was going to be since it allowed people to share files without downloading any app. The idea alone motivated me to create something that I could use with my family. However, after I created it, I figured it could help others too, so I made it public. Then my motivation was to improve it every day, which was a huge success for me. Overall, I feel like my goal changed after I experienced success through motivation.

Can you share the biggest challenges that you had to overcome since you started?

The biggest challenges I faced were always trying to balance school work with website and software development. Critical bugs and errors occurred periodically as I began to work on my website, Simple.Savr. To tackle these bugs, I had to decide for myself whether to make my website or my courses the top priority. As much as I valued my school work, my passion and motivation for my website made me focus on that more than anything else. Eventually, as my experience with troubleshooting and bug fixing increased, I was able to juggle my school work and website development with ease. 

Rishabb Bhatt

It was a challenging experience, yet I believe it was critical to my growth as both a student and a web developer, as it taught me time management, as well as essential critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. Thanks to having overcome the challenges, I graduated from school excelling in my studies as well as having created a stable, efficient, and, more importantly, running bug-free services. 

What are the key to Motivation and Mental health success for you?

It is nearly impossible to focus, let alone code, given poor mental health. I am no exception to this, and so over the years, I have found several methods to improve my mental health. Indulging in my hobbies regularly is one such method that keeps my mental health in check. More specifically, it’s playing soccer that never fails to energize me and refresh my mind. 

Sometimes working on big projects can get overwhelming, so I tend to shift my focus on smaller side projects. This fuels my motivation to code and I often end up finding new ideas as well as solutions to issues I encounter in my big projects. 

If I ever feel completely unmotivated or having poor mental health, I make plans to hang out with my friends. Their presence cheers me up and boosts my mental well being.

Music is a huge part of my life, and it is one of my most valued method of staying motivated and having excellent mental health.

What do you do to keep your health good and positive?

As I mentioned before, I like to play soccer whenever I can because it always keeps my mind free of stress and keeps me active. Being outdoors is crucial for me, especially after spending so many hours on my computer every day. Other than that, I think my health has been excellent.

What is your advice for young people?

I think that the best advice would be to understand that the hardest part of most things is getting started and gaining momentum. The first step is always the hardest, and often times, it is hard to take that first step alone. It is okay to ask for help when you need it, especially if you’re struggling with the first step. Having a plan and a rough idea in mind makes gaining momentum and getting past the first step easier. Once you get started, things begin to flow and make more sense in my experience.

How people can contact you?

Visit my website: www.ssavr.com or follow me on Instagram: @RishabSwift