Justin Hermann is a mover and a shaker in the insurance industry in Dallas, TX. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Justin moved away from his family two and a half years ago after being chosen to help lead his agency’s expansion to Dallas, TX. His college degree from ASU says Construction Management, but his first year out of school, he made 6 figures in insurance. Then in year 2, Justin helped open two more offices and now is making a multiple 6 figure income working alongside his fiance and best friends in a new state and leading his employer virtually. 

In this article Justin shares with us a few of his success tips, what kept him motivated and more.

Main tips for successful habits

One of Justin’s main tips to create(use)  successful habits is to set goals and create a morning routine that sets you on a path to achieving those goals. First, Justin recommends you have to get out of  “wake-up thoughts” and into sparking both your mind and body. An example he gave was, “I know when I start the day with my faith then hit the gym I am starting off right.” He also mentions that once you have your spirit and body going, then you can focus on getting your mind right before taking on the day’s tasks. 

Another tip Justin had to offer was to run your day on a tight schedule that drives achieving your goals. He claims that as you climb the ladder, you can easily get distracted with busy work; avoid that. Justin also mentions “scale your business so you can focus on what only you can do and what will get you the highest return on your time.” As you make more money in business, you don’t want to see how much you can save your first few years (my level of experience now). The mindset has to be less about saving and more about growing. Ask yourself, “What can I invest in to keep things growing, to keep me growing, so that the percentage that you keep grows. For example, if you’re making $300k a year, your time is worth $150 an hour. The question you must ask is “To accomplish your goal where do you bring the most value and what tasks can you delegate to continue your growth?”  This can be as simple as getting the house cleaned, he says. If you know it’s going to take time from your day it can be more beneficial to pay someone so you can focus on what only you can do and what has gotten you to where you’re at.


Motivation Is to get 1% better every single day. When we get better everything around us gets better. Perspective is everything and creating a new perspective can contribute greatly to your motivation and success. Justin has big future plans for his family, friends and community and his goal is to work to make that a little more of a reality everyday. 

Distress tips 

One of Justin’s biggest distress tips is the adage, “God can use someone who can’t, but God won’t use someone who won’t.” Justin notes how we all are more capable then we believe ourselves to be and thus once again our perspective is called into play.

In addition to perspective, Justin reminds us how we need to exercise our faith in ourselves and make the daily decision to get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. Getting uncomfortable and moving to Dallas on “4 weeks notice” was one of the most uncomfortable things Justin ever did. It was also one of the best decisions he has ever made and steps closer to the person he wants to be.

Another distress tip Justin offers is to commit daily to seeking what you want most and to avoid seeking what you want right now. Justin encourages each person to be prepared to be tested, to have your commitment to your long term goals be tested and to have and maintain faith through “the seasons, there is a reason for the season.” Life serves up lessons daily and challenges that test our character and resolve. As you persevere through these challenges, your faith in your abilities and commitment to yourself will grow and most importantly, your self-esteem will grow. Remember you must be your biggest cheerleader and fan.  

Avoiding burnout

Justin avoids a burnout day by setting new goals. He claims that we feel “burnt-out” when we are not on a mission. Justin says burnout can set in when a number of things are absent including setting aside time for personal development, physical exercise and well-being,  making sure you have time for your spouse and family, and time to maintain your faith in all ways (mind, body, and spirit). Justin observed that when your daily routine is “out of whack,” your emotions tend to follow. Justin says to best combat burnout remember to incorporate rewards that can help overcome the feeling.


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