If your wedding is just around the corner, those fuzzy feelings of being with the person you love forever might be taking a back seat. Of course, you cannot wait to spend the rest of life with them but the anxiety ahead of the big day is taking away the peace of your mind. 

The key to dealing with wedding stress and anxiety is making a list of the tasks well in advance and dividing your work appropriately. Here is a checklist you might want to consider for a stress-free wedding.

1. Start by taking the big and hard decisions.

The first thing on the list must be the decisions that are crucial to your wedding day. This includes having a talk with your partner and family about the things like your budget, the number of guests you are planning to invite, whether or not you want to hire a wedding planning, and what functions you wish to include in the wedding. These decisions, taken right will give you a good start to a stress-free wedding.

2. Finalize the venue and guest list.

The next most important thing on the list is choosing a wedding venue. The decision to choose a venue might look simple but involves many considerations like the number of guests you expect, whether you wish to do it in a banquet hall, availability of the venue, and what all services you expect there. Prepare your guest list first in order to shortlist the venues that will have the capacity to accommodate them. 

3. Send out the invitations.

You have your list of people whose blessing you wish to seek on your big day and the next right thing to do would be to invite them in advance so that they can make plans. Decide on the type of invitations you wish to send out and get them printed. Digital invites may also be an option. Start sending them to your friends and relatives. You might want to consider assigning this duty to your best man or maid of honor. 

4. Select the vendors for your big day.

Your wedding will be as good as the vendors you choose for the day. Make a list of tasks you need vendors for, like catering, rentals, flowers, makeup, photography, hairstyling, DJ, wedding dresses, and so on. Get the contact details of vendors on the list and book their services without any further delay. 

5. Get the big small chores done.

Weddings are flush with small chores that can actually turn into a headache if not dealt with in time. These include finalizing dinner menu, getting the dresses altered to fit your size, preparing gift hampers for friends and relatives, and checking with guest accommodation and transportation. Assign a person to take care of these tasks and keep checking with them until it is done.

6. Make the final tweaks.

If you have done everything listed above, you are almost there. Before your big day, you need to make just the final tweaks so that you are sure that you have not left any loose ends. Be done with the vendor payments and revisit your checklist to see if you have forgotten anything.

7. Enjoy your last days of bachelorhood.

You do not want to spend the last days of being single fretting about things that will not matter after a while. Make these days memorable by partying with your friends. 

You are now all set to enjoy the best day of your life. Sit back and relax. Happy wedding!