Michelle shares her views on whether age should be a determining factor of success.

This isn’t a hidden subject. No matter how much we promote real talent, age, gender, ethnicity, the factors in determining the growth of a person in a corporate setting are not predictable. If this wouldn’t have been true then why would corporations have women empowerment programs separately? The answer is plain, deep down they know that this problem exists in the roots and they need to provide solution-oriented reminders to people regularly. 

Story Of Michelle

Michelle Rene Vega started working with her grandmother at the age of 13. She used to help her grandmother in managing a flower shop in New Jersey. She grew up in a fast paced city environment with a great desire to have an even bigger life. She had been a hardworking person since the start. She had two part time jobs along with her studies. At the age of 18, she moved to North Carolina to chase bigger and better things. But, her age became a factor of her being consistently shot down. She wanted to get into sales but her age and gender were the reasons of discrimination. She was rejected in a job interview in Durham because the interviewers thought that an 18 year old girl will not be able to help clients buy a car and make such a large financial decision.

After that at the age of 21, she was working as a manager for a collection company. Despite giving the company the best sales numbers they had seen in years, her seniors denied her promotion for a larger role. The reason was her age. For her, achieving things at a young age was not seen as an achievement but a hurdle in her corporate journey. 

This self-motivated persona is not amongst those who lets others decide her journey for her. She chose to become a self-employed realtor because she refused to have limitations for her growth. She grew her own team of young professionals. She hired 18 year olds, girls, boys, any race, any color, any orientation. She doesn’t want anyone to face the discrimination that she had to face. She believes that everybody deserves the opportunity to showcase their talent. She didn’t have supportive people when she was going up in her career. But, she wants to be the support for others who aim to be like her. She mentors the young crowd and helps young adults under the age of 20 to buy houses and start investing their money. 

Future Aspects

Michelle Vega has a consistently shown aggressive approach that has helped her achieve great success. Even in the times of Covid-19, she was able to sell hundreds of houses to her customers. Her ethical values are one of the important determining factors of her growth. She treats all of her buyers with equal respect, despite the cost they are dealing with. In the coming years, she wants to help more and more people achieve their dream of having a home and being an investor. Her idea is to motivate everyone to achieve their dreams. Follow her for the daily dose of motivation.