In golf, like life, there are many ways to approach the same shot. Set up a little to the right or to the left and you will have a far different result. Have the club face slightly tilted and once again you will have a different trajectory. Every shot requires its own set up, no matter how similar the hole.

Some shots are easier, and some require more finesse. 

Some shots take a lot of forethought. With others, you simply walk up and hit the ball with a sense of how it will go. 

Some shots require you to think outside the box, because new territory demands a fresh approach. 

Whatever the shot, goal, or game, the setup can make or break the result. The “before” influences the “after.” 

So, how might your game, whether golf or life, use a better approach? 

The following questions offer a fresh perspective on a similar situation.

Which club should you use?
Clubs refer to the skills you have, or will develop to approach challenges in different ways. Like a well-rounded golf bag, you can intuitively use the appropriate skill for the task at hand. 

You might be working to smooth out a recent relationship challenge. Your empathy skills will help you find middle ground and a best result. 

Or you may have a number of work projects that require more time than you think you have. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you remember that you can strategize best after a 5-minute meditation. Peace of mind opens your ability to be more grounded and clear. 

What hole are you on?
When you know the landscape you’re working with, you can pace yourself and strategize ahead of time. You’ll be more relaxed as you show up authentically for big life moments. 

You may have an important meeting coming up. You feel anxious about how it will go and how to present yourself. With a skilled approach, you take a moment to breathe before the meeting. You remember that it is not your first rodeo, nor will it be your last. You relax, knowing that you only control so much. You can show up 100% and be okay, because giving 100% is what matters.

What’s the weather like?
Just as weather helps you choose what to wear for the day, it is important to feel into the environment. Personal, social, cultural, and political factors give clues to approach challenging situations. 

Maybe you need to have a heart-to-heart with a co-worker or a family member. Out of self-respect and respect for others, you find private time and space to talk it out. This helps everyone stay focused so that you can connect and work through challenges. 

You might have had a physically and mentally taxing day that left you feeling tired. Instead of pushing through, you give yourself the night off, recharge your batteries, and back to yourself before you face tough situations. Sometimes it is better to wait and let the storm pass through.

Who are you playing with, or against?
Strong relationships are a valuable part of your approach. When you know who you’re connecting with and honor their side of the story, it helps you identify a better path forward. Teamwork makes dream work.

You might be working on a project with someone who seems to be struggling. Instead of becoming frustrated with their lack of progress, you take time to listen to their story, and get to know them better. You learn that they haven’t been getting good sleep because of a recent death in the family. This evokes empathy for their situation, and their need to heal before they can move forward. 

You may be challenged by a client’s response to an ongoing order kerfuffle. You may not have the time, or space to reach out to them personally, but you can take a breath and meet them halfway. When you create space for solutions instead of problems, it will help both them and you find a best case scenario. 

How to prepare for a miracle shot
Miracle shots do happen, but you can’t count on them for success. Excitement and enthusiasm help you show up for every challenge with hope, but consistent practice and the pursuit of a high quality result reveal real miracles overtime. 

Work hard to develop an approach grounded in reality, but leave room for the magic of life to come through. This will help you bring more energy and productivity to your relationships, endeavors and projects. 

It’s impossible to know exactly how the future will pan out. But, with a well-rounded approach and a little lightheartedness, you can increase your chance for success in challenging life situations exponentially. 

Don’t leave it to chance. Work hard to reveal the miracle shots in life.

@Copyright Darren Becket