For background on Human Design transits and how they may affect you, check out this article before reading on!

March left us feeling our way through our emotions, finding clarity, assessing how we see ourselves and deciding what needs to be challenged and corrected in our lives. April is now the time when everything comes into manifestation – the time we get to start doing! Less talk, more action and biting through the “fluff” to get to the good stuff.

March 30th through April 4th – We kick off April with the Sun in Gate 21, The Gate of the Hunter/Huntress, and the Earth transiting through Gate 48, The Gate of Depth. During this time, you may wrestle with issues of control. You may feel pulled to control a situation or resources and feel helpless if you aren’t able to. Let go of the need to “keep up with the Joneses,” and to compare your situation to those around you. Surrender and ask yourself, “Can I trust that if I let it unfold naturally, it will be perfect?” If you are looking to find peace and eliminate control or conflict, look inward. Go into the depths of yourself to see what you can heal and bring to a peaceful state. One activity to consider during this time is breathwork. As you focus on your breathing, you’ll truly see your mind’s attempt to control the situation. If you can surrender to the present moment and let your body take over, you’ll find more peace.

April 4th through 10th – This week, the Sun moves into Gate 51, The Gate of Shock and the Earth moves into Gate 57, The Gate of Intuitive Insight, which is a very gentle energy. Be ready to have something initiated, possibly in a shocking way. Use kindness, compassion, and gentleness to soothe that initial shock. Surrender (there’s that word again) to whatever comes from this new beginning. Be gentle with yourself and know that you can find stability in the instability. You might even sit in nature and observe the subtle energies as they move around you. This will help you move through the shock and appreciate the present moment.

During this time, Jupiter (abundance) and Chiron (the wounded healer) are also in Gate 51. Paired with the Sun moving into Gate 51, you’ll feel an energy of leaping forward, a competitive energy that might drive you to take action and get things done. In a lower expression, it could be very comparative or “I’m better than you.” This energy is complemented by Gate 25, Universal Love, in the Channel of Initiation. We can channel these feelings of competitiveness into a need to commune with people who have similar beliefs, perhaps religious, and create a sense of belonging and connectedness. It’s also a time to learn to love yourself and begin practices that will foster a greater connectedness with yourself.

April 11th through 15th – On April 11th, the Sun transits into Gate 42, The Gate of Growth, and the Earth transits through Gate 32, The Gate of Continuity. This is a powerful time for evolution, a time to assess your unfinished projects, habitual or familial patterns or cycles and bring something to completion. Ask yourself, “What needs to stay? What can I let go? What is useful? What has outlived its purpose here?” Take a deep look inward and see if you have resistance to changing any aspect of your life and make space for something more aligned to come into your life.

April 16th through 21st – During this week, the Sun moves into Gate 3, The Gate of Ordering, and the Earth moves through Gate 50, The Gate of Values. Last week you closed out old cycles and patterns. This week, you get to begin something new, something that aligns to your values at this point in life. You can begin to create structures in your life that support and nurture this new thing you’ve called in. There may be difficulty in the beginning but accept things how they are. Whether it’s a relationship, project, or business opportunity, remember that you need patience and creativity to nurture this new way of being.

During this time, Pluto, who is still transiting through Gate 60, will create a channel with Gate 3. This energy is all about individual transformation. It can be surprising, unpredictable, and quite a process to make sense of. Be prepared for individual evolution!

April 22nd through 27th – On April 22nd, the Sun moves into Gate 27, The Gate of Caring. The Earth transits through Gate 28, The Gate of the Game Player. Last week may have presented some challenges as you learned to accept a new way of being. This week, give yourself and others grace, compassion, and nourishment as you sort through finding purpose. Take the time to care for yourself and your relationships as things shift and change. Be careful not to over give and burnout. It’s ok to set boundaries and take time to rest. Remember that it’s not about getting it right, it’s not about knowing what to do or being the freaking hero. It’s about showing up for yourself and pushing through the discomfort. Just keep going. It’s all about balance and finding the middle way – how can I care for others while also taking care of myself?

April 28th through May 3rd – For the final week of April and moving into March, the Sun shifts into Gate 24, The Gate of Rationalising, as the Earth moves into Gate 44, The Gate of Alertness. During this time, you may feel under pressure to answer questions that continue to pop in. These questions might be analysing why things are happening or what is going on in this moment. Try not to get addicted to or stuck in a thinking loop – this will create anxiety. Release the need to control the outcome and figure out the answers. Just allow those realisations to drop in and surrender to the moment. If you find yourself in this loop, find ways to get back into your body. Give yourself permission to be silent or still, especially in the mind. Meditate, exercise, go for a walk in nature – all of these will help you get in touch with your body (and therefore YOU) and get out of the mind.

Honourable Mention – Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde tends to get a bad rap, but it’s often teaching us to slow down and give more time for things to unravel. Mercury starts the process of retrograde in early April and around mid-April will full go into retrograde. Mercury is all about communication and since we communicate often via technology, the retrograde process my impact this. Have patience and allow more time to get things done – this way, if things to go wrong, it won’t make quite as big of an impact if you’ve planned for it.

For more detail, listen to the full April transits episode with Jenni Crowther on The Human Design Podcast. You can also get your chart and learn more about Human Design here.