There is a powerful quote someone wrote that says:

Take care of your words when you are around people and take care of your thoughts when you are alone.

This quote is really powerful because it shows that we need self-control now more than ever. Our thoughts, words and actions affect many areas of our lives including our relationships and who we want to become in the future.

They play an immense role because anything we project outside, reflects what’s inside us. If you are happy, people will see it on your face.

Before you spew out your opinion, think of the consequences.

Before you judge, imagine yourself on the receiving end of that judgement.

If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and don’t stay angry all day — Ephesians 4:26

For a couple of days this week I was consumed by anger and frustration. Each day when I got home I would go into my room and try to do something productive, and thoughts that lead me to feeling angry and frustrated would flood into my mind.

I would think about how I’m going to pay my expenses, how my entrepreneurial project is not going as well as I would like it to and the way I’m behind with my semester assignments. I looked at all of these with a negative perspective.

This lead I to feeling like the earth would just swallow me up so that all of these thoughts and emotions would stop consuming me. It was something very challenging to deal with.

I have had a lot of angry moments in the past- moments where I felt like being angry most of my days was okay. When I was feeling like this during the week, it was like I went back there.

I let my anger and frustration lead me into causing great injustice to my beliefs.

In those moments I lost perspective. I lost my heavenly view (which took me a long time to cultivate) on the world. I became a stranger to the beliefs I claimed to hold dear to my heart.

I failed to realise that positivity when faced with negativity results in a prosperous outcome.

I failed to see that all my challenges are not bigger than me.

I failed to realise that God is in the midst of my suffering.

The attitude of your hearts reflects the activity of your mind- Ps Steven Furtick

The human mind is extremely powerful. Sometimes we don’t realise how great of an impact our thoughts have on us until we find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control.

The way we think shapes who we are and where we’re going.


Things are going to happen to you each day you take another breath signifying there’s air in your lungs and a functioning brain in your head. You will go through challenges. Those challenges will impact your life in unimaginable ways and you might lose yourself for a moment.

It’s important that you stay true to your beliefs and use them to get yourself out of the rut you find yourself in.

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