Your Biggest Challenge & Opportunity

Were you taught as a youngster about “how to think” and “how to be able to change your thinking at will”?

You were not?  Me, neither.

If you are not choosing what to think, who is running the show?  I suggest that you are not.

You are sleepwalking yourself through your day and your life.  And you are not being the best that you can be because of old, outmoded, programming that should be reexamined.

Do you want your whole life… or just a watered-down version?  

Your choice.  Or is it?

Were you taught that the brain is not the only place we think?  

Me, neither.

There are actually neuro-peptides (thinking molecules) in our heart area as well.  (Molecules of Emotion, by Dr. Candace Pert)

Are you of the belief that your big life decisions are based on rational reasoning and logic?  LOL ?

Or do you – like I used to – believe we make emotional decisions and justify them with logic?

Well, then, what can we do about all this?  How about tuning in on what is actually going on in our heads?


Do you know what I’m talking about when I say “the voice upstairs”?  

I’m talking about the one who is commenting on what you are reading right now, and seeing and hearing and feeling and tasting and smelling all day long.  (And, if you are lucky, it takes a break at night.)

There are many names for it:  Inner Chatter, Monkey Mind, Mind Talk, Self Talk, and…

Have you ever written down any of the statements that you hear from that voice between your ears?

If you did, you probably would have seen that what it had to say was not particularly kind to you or others.  Some of things it says may be downright cruel. Have you picked up on those?

I am sure glad that people cannot hear what I’m thinkin’.  How about you?


Becoming aware of that voice is the first step to keep that stinkin’ thinkin’ from having you….and you having it.

Here´s a learning tool to help you start doing something about it.

Exercise Time:  Wait for an impactful moment during your day when something happens that you really do not like, and then write down what “the voice” says about you, those around you and life, in general.