While the mind can play tricks with us, so can our lover/spouse/best friend. While even our therapist may give us the wrong advise, one element of ours that never lies is our physical body. Our body provides immediate and direct feedback. It operates without the ego. When we have immediate gut reactions, sudden pains,  good or bad feelings, that is our body talking to us. Most of us are not trained to listen to our bodies. It’s like a baby crying out for our attention and wants to heard, seen, and acknowledged. It is very powerful in communicating to us.

Trust the feedback your body gives you. Honor it. Start a diary of it. Write down every time you feel something in your body, what is it trying to tell you? Where in your body is this feeling coming from? If it had a voice, what would it say? The more you do this, the more you will become in tune with your body and build a relationship of trust. In fact, your body will notice you are paying attention vs. ignoring it and some symptoms will naturally go away. 

Many of us are trained to ignore signs of body especially the intellectual folks who place high value on thinking from head, education, money, titles vs the slowing down in life.  I totally get it as that has been me most of my life running after the next big thing.  Money and rising up can be addicting. It can be hard to understand slowing down if we are not taught the value of paying attention to our breath, our body, and even our thoughts.

But, we can always start now.

If you dare to listen to your body and trust its messages, you will learn to come out quicker from hospital visits, learn which relationship is serving you vs draining you, learn to distant yourself quickly from those that do not serve your energy, and have a higher value of your worth in your body as a whole. We are to partner with our bodies as though we are detectives solving the case of what our body is trying to communicate.

Each part of us is so precious. We must slow down enough to notice and be aware. Be with your body, mind, and heart. Pay attention.

Dare to love yourself and grab my 6 minute meditation to make amends with your body for all the times you didn’t listen: