Our body is a magnificent engineered machine.We put our body through all kinds of tests, and it usually passes them all with flying colors. From eating processed foods loaded with chemicals, drinking sodas or alcohol, refined sugars, smoking cigarettes, legal/illegal drugs, etc…If we stop doing all this things our body knows how to get rid of all of it with barely any complaints…well sometimes it lets us know is unhappy by causing discomfort but nothing we didn’t deserve for doing what we have done to it.What amazes me the most is the capacity our body has to recover, restore, replenish and go back to normal. In fact that’s one of the brain’s jobs. Our brain is the one that by sending the right signals through the central nervous system tells every part of the body how to go back to normal. If our brain doesn’t work, nothing works effectively. I want you think about when people are brain dead in the hospital, they need a machine for every organ to make them function because they can’t if the brain doesn’t tell them what to do every moment. People with brain death need a machine for breathing, dialysis for the kidneys, ventilation, feeding tub, heart pump, all kind of fluids to keep the fluids moving, etc.Here you can watch the class to learn how your body does it. It’s not all there is but is a pretty good sample of it. I believe you like it!

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