Oh it’s the New Year, and the number of people making new fitness resolutions/goals/intentions/commitments are probably out of this world. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, let’s get one thing straight:

Your mindset.

Just like everything else, whatever unfolds on the outside STARTS ON THE INSIDE in our minds. So before setting another set of new goals, I invite you to take a new approach this year and let’s start by setting a new way to think about ourselves and our fitness. This may be the very thing you are looking for to establish a fit life forever, instead of yo-yoing, or getting off and back on track, or however fitness ebbs and flows in your daily life.


The true way to make any lasting change is a shift in self identity. What does that mean? That means, if you really want to be, feel, and act like someone who is “fit” (whatever “fit” means to you), you must first identity yourself as a “fit person” for you to successful embody that being. If I want to be a snowboarder, or a yogi, or a marathoner, the first thing I must do is to say to myself that “I am a _________” (or at least “I am an aspiring _______”). Unless you self-identify yourself as such, your wishes and efforts won’t stick. So let’s just start there: “I am a fit mama” or “I am an athlete” or “I enjoy my active life”. And think, feel, choose, decide, and act accordingly. THIS is the secret key to starting true change.


All those “before and after” photos on social media are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some find inspiration from them and some feel pressured and negatively affected by them. I do find some of the body composition changes impressive, as it takes tremendous hardwork and dedication to make such aesthetic transformations… but I also see them objectively, that they are just a snapshot of a state in time, and not the end-all-and-be-all of life goals. What happens when you make a “before and after”? You then have another “after” after that? Doesn’t it just go on forever?

I choose to see it all as just a continuum…just like our physical lives. We are birthed, we grow, we change, we shift, we wither, and we die in our physical form. So stop the beginning and ending, the before and after, and just see fitness as a way of life on this continuum you are on. You either live a non-active lifestyle, a little itty bitty active lifestyle, a pretty active lifestyle, or an extremely active lifestyle….YOU CHOOSE. And just like the seasons of life, things change, so be willing to change. There’s no one absolute “before and after”.


Look, we all love a good lounge around kind of day and eating lots of yummy things. If you don’t, you are not human. At the end of the day, enjoy life, but also enjoy your amazing body. Our bodies are made to move and it feels GOOD to be in movement! Just ask someone who is bedridden or wheelchair bound…our bodies are ALIVE and MOVEMENT AND MOTION IS LIFE. If you are not moving, you are dead, period! So while we have the privilege of being alive, enjoy enjoy enjoy what your body can do and don’t take it for granted. It’s not a project for you to work on, it’s not a thing you must fix, it’s an amazing gift and machine for us to maximize our potential and enjoyment. It’s our vehicle for us to experience and taste LIFE.

Start living a life where you enjoy the movement of your life force expressed through your body. And you will never see “fitness” the same way ever again.

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  • Lola T. Small

    Women's Empowerment Coach | Best Selling Author

    Lola is a global empowerment coach, trainer, and author for girls and women. With over 20 years of combined experience in teacher training, curriculum design, fitness education, athletic event management, and empowerment coaching, Lola is passionate about supporting women to share their dreams and impact with the world. Certified in life coaching, health & wellness coaching, and personal training, she leads a powerhouse of women in business through FemCity, an international platform dedicated to helping women succeed in business and life. Through initiatives such as Room to Read, World Pulse, FemCity, and now Powerful Rising Women, Lola’s work spans from Canada to the US, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Lola is a best selling author and leads transformative events and retreats around the world. Her ultimate vision is a world filled with girls and women who are strong, confident, and empowering the world. Her books For My Girls, Fitness to Freedom, and Women Let's Rise are now available.