Over and over again I see people blame those struggling with chronic health issues. If only they ate better, exercised more, or whatever else, they would see so much better results. While it is accurate to say that these things are good for you, it is completely misleading to then assume that the person you see in front of you is not making their best effort already.

Assuming that only “bad” or “naughty” people get sick with chronic issues is part of a problem that has been dubbed the “Just World Hypothesis”. This assumption allows people to believe that a person’s choices and actions will always create a morally fair response from the universe. Essentially, it is the belief that people who are doing just and moral things will have an easier time than people who are doing bad or evil things. It’s the same mindset that drives victim blaming.

There is an element of fear and a desperate subconscious need to control that can cause people to think this way. This Just World outlook helps some people feel more secure that their health will not fail them. If something bad happens to someone good, then it can happen to anyone… and people who presume a Just World cannot accept this.

When you attempt to take care of your body and somehow it fails you anyway, this presumption can make it harder to want to seek help. It is what keeps people home from the gym. It is what makes people hesitate to reach out to practitioners. You may even become anxious about doing bad things – or think that because you like ice cream on occasion that you are not allowed to have a healthy body. You may spend time waiting on this Just World to make you better.


Your chronic health issues are not your fault. You are not to be blamed for the choices you’ve made in the past leading you to where you are now. Your journey is your journey and blame has no place in it.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get better. It doesn’t mean that your hard work won’t eventually pay off. It just means that what you’re doing now isn’t exactly what you need to be doing for the results you want to see.

Working hard is good: working SMART and hard is even better.

That’s where a holistic practitioner can come into play. Did you know that the type of exercise you do can determine whether or not your adrenal fatigue is getting better or worse? Do you think about whether or not you are sensitive to eggs? Maybe just the yolk? Or maybe even the egg white? Do you understand how to use energy healing on a daily basis to support your nervous and immune systems?

Getting that personalized plan together can actually change the direction of your journey. Understanding the nuances of your body and what you personally need depending on your constitution can make a world of difference. If you’re doing what you can and you’re working hard already, it is time for you to find a holistic practitioner and get a more customized plan started!

Holistic practitioners are trained to look at the
whole body, the root cause of issues, and your natural tendencies to
help you get a more targeted approach. Instead of a
one size fits all protocol, they help you personalize your plan to get
better results at your pace. 🙂