Give us this day our daily bread.

Many will recognize these words from what’s called “The Lord’s Prayer”. It’s just one part of a prayer that’s simple, yet it encoumpasses all our human needs.

It’s easy to take a commonly known piece of scripture and recite it without really digging down enough to know it and live it.

Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11

You’ll have everything you need for today.

I don’t read or recite the line as a pleading for what I need today. I read it as an assurance that the loving source that created and sustains us all will provide exactly what we need for today.

It’s the ego that wants more, more, more. The ego wants to control the situation and dictate outcomes. It’s afraid and doubts and worries that we won’t have enough.

Instead, rest in the assurance that just the right supply, sustenance, people, opportunity, strength, support, answers, and outcomes will show up today. Then, exactly what you need will show up tomorrow as well.

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