Most people have it wrong. They think it’s all about making a to-do list. Or setting S.M.A.R.T goals. Or checking off the completed tasks for the day.

Now I’m not saying these things are bad. Are they helpful? Of course. Do they have a place in your personal life? Absolutely.

But here’s the brutal truth: a regular, plain goal setting routine will never help you achieve your deep desires. It won’t help you get any closer to the lifestyle you really want to live.

For example, your goal might be to lose 30 lbs. in the next 2 months. But ask yourself, if you were to achieve that goal, does it really fulfill the lifestyle you want? Or do you still have other dominos to knock down?

If you desire to live your dream life, it starts by saying goodbye to your typical goal-setting routine. Instead, this 5-step process, which incorporates scientifically backed techniques to “prime” your brain, will skyrocket your chance of success.

1. Write down one huge goal

The process starts by identifying one huge life goal. It must be big, bold, and audacious. A goal that is almost impossible to achieve. The one thing you want most in life. Something that will completely transform your life. By setting only 1 huge goal, you automatically force yourself to take massive action. You’ll accomplish much more than setting various small goals. This way, even if you don’t achieve your goal immediately, you end up with a superior result than choosing a minor, easy goal. See how this works? You will automatically push yourself further by setting an enormous goal. Why? With a huge goal, you force yourself to take massive action. And massive action produces a massive, incredible result.

2. Know your “why”

Behind every action we take in life is a “why.” If you don’t have a “why,” then what’s the point in having a goal? Fact: action without purpose is meaningless. Even if your big goal is something you deeply desire, you’ll eventually tune out without a purpose. Emotions are short-lived. To keep your emotional excitement constant, you need to have a purpose that drives you. Something that will remind you every day why your goal is so important. Only then are you able to keep on keeping on until you finally achieve your goal.

3. Visualization

After you commit to your big goal and know your “why”, you must visualize your goal as if it was already real. This technique tugs at your emotional excitement so you maximize your motivation. Simply close your eyes and visualize the outcome of achieving your goal. Imagine the wonderful relationships you have gained. Imagine the money you have made. Imagine the joy, the success, and the happiness you now possess as compared to your life before. How does it make you feel? How much more amazing is your life now? See it. Feel it. Live it as if it’s real… as if it’s happening right now. Take a solid 3-5 minutes to concentrate on this visualization technique.

4. Gratitude

This step is rarely used, but it might be the most important. You’ll never achieve your goal without being thankful for who you are and what you have now. Without gratitude, your goal becomes a thorn in your side. You’ll become desperate to achieve it. It will make you miserable living without it. That’s why you must constantly remind yourself to be thankful for your life right now.  A good way to do this is by jotting down 5 things you are thankful for every morning. This sets you up for the rest of the day.

5. Action

This is the easiest step. As I said before, most people focus on the process needed to achieve their goal. They overwhelm themselves and eventually throw in the towel. But taking action isn’t about how you’re going to reach your destination. It’s about knowing what your destination is. When you have a tower of motivation and constant jolts of excitement built up from the four previous steps, taking action is the easiest thing in the world.


There you have it. The 5-step process to accomplish any goal you desire. It works because you set your mind up for success. You create so much emotional excitement, belief, and commitment, you cut off any other reason for not being successful. You have no choice but to go for it. And eventually, your mind, body, and skillset will figure out a way to achieve it. This is the secret to having all your wildest dreams come true.