I don’t know about you but I’m a doer. I have lists, I take courses, I am constantly looking to improve myself and my life. So when I was faced with closing my little brick and mortar yarn shop in Tofino, BC Canada, because I couldn’t financially make it work anymore I was at a total loss. All my hustling and doing just wasn’t enough to make it work.

I thought I had finally found my dream business and this was IT for me. But as the months and years went by and I fell further and further behind financially the tough decision had to be made to close it. Which left me with a big question – What am I supposed to do with my life???

I would love to say that it took me only a few months of self reflection and then I was back on track. But as I said in the beginning – I’m a doer! So I started compiling lists, taking strength tests, signing up for courses and meeting with career counselors. It took me 8 years, numerous career changes and a lot of bumps along the way to finally reach my passion and purpose today of being a Crystal Energy Healer. And what I have learned from those 8 years I want to share with you.

Stop pushing

No seriously. I know for all you doers out there like me this is so counterintuitive. But trust me you need to try this. Taking all the strength tests, career counseling, web searching is all well and good. But looking back it was me just trying to hammer harder on a door that wasn’t ready to be opened.

When you are constantly pushing forward trying to wrap your head around what you should be doing with your life you are bypassing your intuition and energetic requests. By taking a break from the push you can listen to what your body responds to. I challenge you to try this for a minimum of 21 days. Really sit with yourself. See what comes up when you stop pushing and trying to force things and just listen.

Journaling your intuitive hits

Stopping and leaning into what your energy is asking can take time to build trust and confidence. If you aren’t used to listening to your energy and intuition this may feel weird, even silly. Enter the journal. 

Take time to write out when you received an intuitive hit and it was right! Nothing is too small. You decided to turn left to go home instead of right. Later you found out there was a major traffic jam that you avoided because you decided to go left. Or you don’t normally bring in 3 reusable bags into the grocery store but this time you decided to. Good thing because there was a mega sale on the rice noodles you love. 

These small little intuitive hits lead to bigger ones. Journaling about them creates a book of proof. Helps you reflect on how that felt in your body when you got an intuitive hit. How it felt to follow that intuition and what the results were. You are slowly building that intuitive muscle and connecting to your energy.

This journaling is a road map of you tuning in to what your body is asking you. It is also a great resource to return to when you look back at certain energetic inklings you got along the way. This is your book of proof that when you stop and tune in you can receive all kinds of intuitive messages. Again I challenge you to try this for 21 days. Just see how it feels. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Set the intention and let it go

Once you have taken some time to really stop, tune in and access that amazing intuition that you have, it’s time to set the intention. I’m a huge crystal lover and I use my crystals and a vision board to create this. But it can be as simple as writing it out in your journal. By stating a simple intention like “I trust that I will discover my true life passion when the time is right” sets the intention that it will come to you when it’s time! You are taking a leap of faith and trusting in the process of life to show you what you are meant to be doing. It stops that forcing/pushing energy of demanding to know. You are allowing it to happen when the time is right.

Trust in the process

This is the hardest part. Me, a stranger, is asking you to have some faith. If there is ONE thing I would have loved to hear when I was going through my big life transition back in the day was to have some faith in the process. Relax, enjoy the beauty that is currently in your life and trust that you have set the intention, are listening to your energy and following the signs as they come along. 

It wasn’t until I stopped pushing, I stopped trying to figure everything out, plan out each step, each move that I started to really see where I was supposed to be heading. When I stopped to tune in to my energy needs and what it was asking me that’s when I really started to embrace my crystals and my ability to see and help shift energy. 

If letting go of control was easy we would all be doing it. This is a big ask. But if you have been spinning your wheels trying to figure out what your purpose is I challenge you to try this for just 21 days. Your energy knows the way. You just need some time to tune in and listen.