How to attract anything that you want and how to be magnetic to anything that you want?

You can absolutely attract anything that you want and manifest anything that you want. You can achieve anything that you want that’s for sure.

Sometimes you limit yourself to having very low expectations of yourself. So I’m not speaking about love because love is something that you cultivate first in yourself and you need to have this deep knowledge that you are love and this is a practice. We cannot always be in the state of knowing that we are love but we are more often in this state than we think. It’s not so rare to feel that your love, it just doesn’t feel romantic, it’s a different feeling.

What I want to emphasize here is that many people settle for things that are way below their potential, they settle for chasing love or they settle for chasing success, chasing money and as soon as you’re chasing something you’re going to repel it and that’s familiar right now but I’m going to keep on repeating, reminding you. So many people settle for that but you’re not only that you’re much much much more!

You have incredible potential and this is proven through history, just look at all those people through history who did incredible things that were unimaginable for those times! You can do the same, you’re human, just like they are. You’re a human being and you are your potential is enormous.

This is the way that you’re going to attract anything that you want, so recognize that your potential is enormous, that you can create anything, that never existed before, and you have proof, you have all those people through history, you are human as they are.

One of my first videos is “Why you are different than da Vinci and why you are same as da Vinci” because I was inspired by a TV show called Da Vinci’s demons. In that video, I explain why you have the potential to make such huge amazing things as da Vinci or as any other person that you admire. You have that potential and your responsibility is to own that potential, that’s why my channel is called Own Your Excellence.

Own that and be brave, cultivate courage, so I’m gonna record another video about courage, but I talked about fear before and that fear is just the fear of the unknown, because you don’t know what’s the limit to your potential. That’s not a thing to be afraid of! That’s a thing to be amazed about, that’s the thing to be proud of. that’s a thing to be excited about!

You shouldn’t be afraid of your potential it’s enormous and that’s good, that’s amazing! That’s amazing news so I’m gonna speak in one of the next videos about courage and for now, I want you to remember that you have this enormous potential and in order to manifest anything that you want and that you desire (anything or anyone) you need to
remember: you have this potential and use it
own it, own your excellence, own your potential!