For background on Human Design transits and how they may affect you, check out this article before reading on!

This February has overall themes that will nudge the collective to get in touch with their feelings. Over the course of the month, ask yourself, “Am I feeling my feelings? Or am I thinking my feelings?” It is important to allow yourself to sit with emotions (even the uncomfortable ones), feel through them and release them. In these moments, remember the more you feel through an emotion, the quicker it moves through you. Resistance to a feeling is what keeps it there longer.

As the month progresses, be conscious of opening yourself to that willingness to feel. Welcome all emotions as an old friend and ask, “what are you here to teach me?” Feeling stuck with this? Take a seat, move your gaze down towards your body and see what turns up. Are you more focused on the language your mind is generating? Or are you feeling the physical sensations in your body? Always return to the body.

The Quarter of Initiation – With the beginning of February comes the Quarter of Initiation. In Human Design, this is all about purpose being fulfilled through the mind. What does this mean? This could be a spiritual awareness that we will want to feed our minds with knowledge to then be able to share that knowledge with others. As this new quarter starts, I invite you to ask yourself: what sparks your curiosity? What do you feel pulled towards to learn and share for the empowerment of others?

February 2nd through 7th – Beginning on February 2nd, the Sun transits into Gate 13, The Gate of the Listener. Use this time to really listen within. What turns up for you? What unique instructions are you receiving as you listen to your own inner guidance? During this time, the Earth moves into Gate 7, The Gate of the Role of the Self. This Gate brings themes of looking into the future and recognizing the needs of the collective. What needs to be corrected for the betterment of humankind? Use your leadership to evaluate your own interaction with the world around you. Notice where you’re showing gratitude and where you are not (maybe this is a pattern that can be corrected). Throughout this week, remember to listen to yourself, because it will ultimately impact our collective energy.

February 8th through 12thWe kick off this week with the Sun moving into Gate 49, The Gate of Principles. This gate is all about the acceptance or rejection of people into your inner circle based on their ability to support your principles. Are they on your train? If not, it’s okay to release the ties to those who don’t accept you or your values. The Earth enters into Gate 4, The Gate of Formulisation. You may feel doubt about the future and may feel pulled towards finding the answers or solutions to problems. However, you aren’t meant to use these answers for yourself. Take comfort in letting answers pass over you and know that you are only meant to use those answers for the benefit of the collective. Bring these two themes together by finding a way to make an impact. You can use your solutions, combined with your principles, to support society. Perhaps that’s simply by hitting the “Donate” button on a cause that speaks to you, or it could be helping the collective by providing connection, food, or resources. No matter what, your Strategy and Authority will guide you to what’s right for you.

February 13th through 18th On February 13th, the Sun moves into Gate 30: The Gate of Recognition of Feelings. Life isn’t always as you expect it to be. It’s okay to feel through the highs and lows of your emotions as you enter new experiences. Surrender. Tune into these feelings, they just might show you what needs to be transformed. Simultaneously, the Earth transits through Gate 29, The Gate of Saying Yes. Are you committing to things that bring you joy? Be sure you’re investing your time and energy wisely and listening to your intuition when it says what is correct for you.

February 19th through 23rdThis week, the Sun moves into Gate 55, The Gate of Spirit. While in this energy, embrace the highs and lows of your emotions and honour your mood. You just might find that your most creative moments align with melancholic emotions that cause a need to retreat. This time can even bring about great abundance. Earth transits into Gate 59: The Gate of Sexuality. While this energy does bring about the desire to connect with a mate and achieve deep connection through intimacy, it can also be about birthing something into the world – an idea, product, or service, to name a few.

February 24th through March 1stIn the final week of February, the Sun transits into Gate 37, The Gate of Friendship, as the Earth moves into Gate 40, The Gate of Aloneness. These seemingly conflicting energies come together with balance. There will be a need to balance your time supporting the collective with a time for retreat and honouring your personal energy. While the draw to provide for friends and family will be there, don’t feel guilty when advocating for your own needs. This may mean you need to renegotiate bargains with your family: set boundaries, reframe expectations, and acknowledge your need for appreciation.

Honourable Mention: Saturn – This month, Saturn is moving out of Gate 49, The Gate of Principles, and into Gate 30, The Gate of Recognition of Feelings. What does this mean for our collective energy? Recognize the need to take a compassionate approach to the shortcomings of others, while still holding them accountable. If people do not align with your principles, it’s okay to release old bonds and move on from relationships. Ask yourself, what emotional themes have been brewing over the last year and have finally come to a head this month? What feelings are turning up for me right now? And are these pointing me towards a desire or principle that I want to share with the world?

For more detail, listen to the full February transits episode with Jenni Crowther on The Human Design Podcast. You can also get your chart and learn more about Human Design here.