The 2020s is a decade of reckoning – on personal and societal levels. This is one reason you likely feel anxious and uncertain. After all, we’ve reached a critical mass point of change, when what we had in place before no longer serves us. It’s not just one thing – it’s the entire interconnected fabric of our cohabitation of the one home we have. Given this, we must regularly get personally resourced and invite a higher view. Continue reading to connect with a simple way to feel more fulfilled when you have no idea of what’s next.

Your Greatest Asset
Each of us has at least one skill or talent that is an asset as we navigate life. Most likely it’s something simple – like noticing details others don’t see, intuiting optimal actions, sensing what colors brighten your home.
Bottom line – your asset, when applied in your life, can give you joy and satisfaction. Your asset need not be different from that of others. What will be different, however, is how express it in the world.

On Facebook this week I wrote: “What if your greatest asset – leading to your feeling more fulfilled – is something you already express and enjoy doing! We all have at least one such asset, that when applied gives us joy and satisfaction. I’ll name one of my assets – writing. I invite you to share here one of your assets, and how you apply it. Don’t be surprised, when you share it, what it opens up within you -perhaps changing your day and giving you a smile.”

Process – Identify & Anchor Your Asset

I suggest you identify one of your assets – first idea that comes to you – using my example above. Naming your asset helps you to anchor it within you, giving you inner strength when life gets crazy or simply uncertain.

Reminding yourself regularly of how you are applying your asset can open the door to a higher frequency. Doing this has another side-benefit: having the awareness of your asset can catalyze ideas of new and expanded ways to apply your asset in the world. This can lead to more fulfillment and a deep knowing that you are alive in a very purposeful way to help co-create a more loving world.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.