What’s missing in your life? What do you want more of?

More money…a relationship…a new career? Better health…more peace of mind…more happiness?

If you sense something is lacking, the tendency is to have thoughts about what’s missing, right? It occupies your thoughts:

Uggg, life would be so much better if…
I really need…
Why does everyone else have it and I don’t?…

Your mindset gets stuck in a groove of needing…wanting…wishing…

And that’s the greatest obstacle to attracting what you want.

When you have a sense of lack or needing, a hint of desperation enters into your mindset, and that state of mind diminishes your ability to attract whatever it is you desire.

Stating over and over again that you want or need something attracts more of the state of wanting or needing it. The cycle continues as you keep getting more desire but no results.

Instead, know you already have it (whatever it is for you).

You already have it even if you don’t yet see it in your physical world. The Universe has it for you.

It’s there, you just haven’t been brought together yet.

Everything you need exists right now in potential.

You’re the essence of all life. That means you already have everything you could want or need. Knowing that allows it to become manifested.

Attract out of a sense of fullness, not lack.

How do you do that?

What will it feel like when you have the thing you desire? Feel like that right now. Replicate the feeling with intensity.

How will you act when you have that thing? Act like that right now.

Be grateful for that thing right now. Be grateful that it already exists and welcome it.

Let’s sum it all up with an Amazon order.

Next time you place an order on Amazon, notice the shift in your state and thinking after you submit your order.

After you place your order, you stop thinking, “oh man, I really need this thing…I really wish I had it…why don’t I have it…”

You don’t worry about who’s packing the order, what size box it’s going to come in, or what type of truck will deliver it. You just know it’s on its way.

In a way, don’t you already feel as if you have the thing, even though it’s going to take a day or more to receive it?

That’s how manifesting with the Law of Attraction works. You know what you desire is already there for you and it’s on its way.

Release any state of neediness, and replace it with gratitude and calm confidence. That’s the change that will remove the obstacle to attracting what you want.

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