You ready to open up your heart and use it as an amplifier for all the energy surging throughout your body?

I invite you to explore this. When you do your body releases up to 1400 different chemicals all responsible for tissue repair, deep cellular healing and regeneration.

Sound good? I know, right!!!!

Start off the day with a couple of things…

**Take your pulse. PHYSICALLY DO IT. No app required. No counting necessary. This is a way to connect with the electromagnetic field of your heart muscle. Simply lay your hand across your chest and listen to it beating. Send intention there. Where focus goes, energy flows. Drop into your heart center by listening to its magnificent power…super simple!!

**Come into your breath. Slowly start to inhale deeply into your lower lung and allow that breath to nurture your body. Feel it wash over you in abundance. Then exhale into deep relaxation and surrender knowing that you are BEING present in the moment.

**As thoughts come up simply love them and let your mind know that you will tend to them. Come back to your heart center and imagine a circle of pink light.

**In this circle of pink light continue breathing and radiate your heart’s intentions for the day. Relaxing and surrendering knowing that you are manifesting your desired vision in the frequency of live from your heart and outward for the greatest good of the environment.

**Ask to receive guidance in the form of intuition without judgement or expectation and simply allow in the healing energies of balance and restoration.

**From your pink light, in stillness and breath, effortlessly choose the best options you have intuitively called in and imprint them in the form of commitment. Lock them in with feeling. Focus on the frequency of love you are experiencing so that it dissolves any energetic blocks.

BOOM!! Now it’s time to motor down the quantum expressway of healing and manifestation. In love!!! AND when you heal yourself…you vibe higher and radiate those healing frequencies out to others. Heal yourself and you get to heal all you touch today! LITERALLY!!!!!

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SYKED for your freedom!