If you feel like the space you live or work in is very stressful or you find yourself uninspired, Feng Shui can help.

These are strange times and more and more people are seeking out ways to regain happiness and harmony in their lives. Exercise, therapy, meditation, acupuncture and the list goes on…

When the world around us feels chaotic and out of our control, it’s important to remember that our happiness is an inside job. One area of your life that you may not be looking at for healing and sanctuary is your environment. We all need a soft place to land and regroup. Whether it’s your home or business, it is where you spend most of your time so you may want to think about how these environments are affecting you.

Could you use a little space therapy?

If you feel like the space you live or work in is very stressful or you find yourself uninspired or able to be productive, Feng Shui can help. Maybe there’s not enough fire element to get things going or you need more water element to get into the flow of things. Your space could be too dark which can lead to depression or lethargy. Sometimes all you need are some small tweaks to balance and align the space with it’s greatest energetic potential.

Yin & Yang Symbol

People with some sense of what Feng Shui is may know that there is a Bagua or an energetic grid involved and they may even know that it has something to do with placement and energy. You may be familiar with the Yin and Yang symbol seen here which in Feng Shui represents a balance between a series of opposites; the male and female, big and small, light and dark. Too much of either of these opposites creates disharmony. For instance it’s hard to sleep in a very “Yang” room, because it’s too big, too bright and too stark.

Elemental balance and the emphasis of certain elements in particular areas of a physical space is also rather important. Feng Shui focuses on 5 elements Earth, Water, Metal, Wood, and Fire. As individuals, we have an elemental make up and tend to be particularly drawn to certain elements. Elements in Feng Shui can present themselves very literally like fire is fire, and water is water, but they can also be represented in other clever ways like colors, shapes or representations in art. An overabundance of any element will create an imbalance as will a complete lack of any one element. Balance in all things is the ultimate goal and it can be a delicate equilibrium.

5 Feng Shui Elements

I personally like fire spectrum colors, fiery shapes, imagery and fire in all its glorious forms. I had a candle collection as a child to give you some perspective. I am very comfortable around this element… That said, I have to watch out for an overabundance of fire in my environment. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Fire is stimulating and exciting and it gets things moving, but in say a bedroom too much fire can overstimulate and interfere with restful sleep or a peaceful environment. I have clients that are all earth all the time. We are talking beige and brown everything and while this is grounding and calm it also has its downside. Too much earth can make you feel stuck and lacking motivation and energy to move forward.

Feng Shui is one of the 5 branches of Chinese Medicine and is actually used as a diagnostic tool. As a Feng Shui expert, I help people balance and align their environments with their goals and dreams to create a setting where they can thrive. I look at the environment as an extension of the client. It is mirroring what is happening for them. Most importantly, I look at the energetic narrative or story the space is reflecting to see what imbalances are present. I can then interpret that narrative for my clients and help them better understand and connect with their personal journey and story. It’s very therapeutic because I empower them with the energetic tools to create greater harmony and balance in their lives.

The concept of space planning and Feng Shui is not the sole domain of the Chinese nor is it a religion, in fact Feng Shui or some form of earth science spans across all cultures. In western culture we have Sacred Geometry, in China they have Feng Shui and in India they have Vastu. Feng Shui itself is an Earth Science that is over 5000 years old and has a number of different schools and interpretations. All of these practices serve to create balance and harmony in our environments and ourselves by honoring and being in harmony with the natural rhythms of the earth and nature.

I practice Form School, the original and least dogmatic of these practices. Form School addresses a space as its own universe applying the Bagua or energetic map based on the architectural entrance of a space. I’m not going to ask my clients to worry about what direction their home or business is facing. For me it’s an inside job. I work with the a space as it exists and make the most of it’s energetic potential. I’m more concerned with good form or placement as it pertains to your individual space and floor plan.

Does your environment provide a positive foundation? Do you long for a more happy and harmonious setting? It’s amazing how much you can improve your life and experience of it by enhancing your environment. This is as true for your home as it is for your business! Feng Shui helps make home a soft place to land and enhances business environments to attract more clients, inspire greater creativity, productivity and abundance. To learn more about Feng Shui you can visit http://www.narrativespacefengshui.com/ or reach out to me at [email protected].

Originally published at medium.com