I like the peace and serenity of downtime, especially after a long period of hard-charging . It can be completely relaxing and even rejuvenating. It can also be crazy-making!

I’m a self-admitted Type A person. Well, make that a Type A-minus as I am fairly adept at cutting loose and relaxing when I want to. However, I can only stand being inactive and stationary for about one day. That’s my limit, and even a whole day can be a challenge!

Despite my inclination towards activity, I do give myself a “day off” every now and again especially when I want to tune-out from the fuss and bumble of the outside world. On those days I love to sleep in and ease into the morning with a long, lazy brunch while reading my favorite magazines. Then I typically indulge in reading, daydreaming, cruising social media, and maybe watching a movie.

I can give myself one of those “days off” at a resort or vacation destination too by staying on premises and taking it easy. But again, this can only last for about a day.

Every time I try to stay idle for more than a day, at some point, I get antsy. My body begins to get twitchy and my mind loses interest in any form of media or static scenery (no matter how gorgeous it is), and I get bored. This is when I have to get up and do something typically involving physical activity and definitely involving a change of scenery.

Yes, even in paradise I can go stir-crazy.

Everyone relaxes and rejuvenates differently, we all know that. I require movement. I always have. I was *that* kid that had boundless energy and that well of energy has stuck with me my whole life. I am also that person who would rather watch the scenery go by in a car, train or airplane window than read, do an activity or engage in any form of media.

I don’t envy those people who can while-away an entire vacation in a hammock or are content with just “going to the beach”. Just the thought alone, of spending all of that time idle, makes me tense. The only possible thing that could be worse than sitting around for more than a day is sitting around for more than a day in the same location year after year. Yikes!

Don’t get me wrong, I can sit still – I really can. Especially if a dynamic, ever-changing scenery surrounds me. In fact, if I could I would spend the rest of my life in motion, travelling around the world. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching the landscape change through time and space.

But, as I said, I also like to get my body moving. I actually get a great deal of zen-like relaxation and rejuvenation from being engaged in some type of physical activity. I prefer to bicycle, hike or just take a walk. I like being out and about, seeing new things and absorbing new sights, smells and sounds.

I’m that person that makes the beach-goers roll their eyes and wonder “why on earth I can’t just relax.” They can’t understand us restless bodies and we can’t understand them.

This is what makes choosing a travel companion a very tricky proposition. We are all so different and many intimate relationships and families are composed of people whose ideas of relaxing differ dramatically.

If you don’t have a perfect relaxation partner then it’s critical to set expectations with yourself and others. It’s okay to take vacations together but have each person break off to do their own thing or for people to take turns letting each-other indulge themselves. Just talk about it so you know before you go!~

Even at home it can be challenging to share down-time with loved ones. It would be nice to be able to relax together and share blissful moments but that’s not always possible.

If you and yours can’t agree on relaxation then it’s okay to do things with other like-minded people or even to do things alone.

Life is hard enough, relaxing shouldn’t be stressful.

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