Grace is actively supporting women to get unstuck in their lives, in love, or career. A walking example of resiliency, Grace is leading other women on the path to creating positive and forward momentum within their lives, towards a brighter future after suffering loss or a feeling of complacency. Grace Brown founded the company in late 2020, 3 years after facing arguably one of life’s greatest tragedies, losing her only child to suicide. Through the depths of darkest days, in a state that looks next to impossible to come out from, the idea of helping other women regain strength, overcome limiting beliefs, and empowering women in their next chapters of life was born. 

The grief of life shifted Grace to a stage where she was looking for that one hope of light. Fortunately, a ray of strength entered and restructured her life. In the face of her darkest days, Grace was propelled to follow the universe that directed her to connect with her spiritual self. Compelled to dig deeper, a beam of strength appeared from within and the entrepreneur felt true independence through Mindset Mastery, a program dedicated to helping others master their thoughts, emotions and ultimately, their lives. Since the program’s inception, resilient Grace has been consistently helping her clients reignite their enthusiasm for life, love, careers, and much more. 

In a conversation with Grace Brown, The Mindset Mastery Life Coach, shared her Top 5 methods that can help you to shift your mindset in a day with regular practice.

Top 5 Methods To Shift Your Mindset.

  1. Identify your emotional triggers before it’s too late.

If you don’t identify your triggers at onset, they will reinforce negative, limiting beliefs that already exist in your mindset. Emotional triggers include memories, prior experiences, events or situations that spark a strong emotional reaction within you. Emotional triggers are often coupled with PTSD, more commonly known as “post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The key to unlocking good emotional health is to ask yourself what your emotional triggers are and how you can cope with them.

Best practices for coping with triggers. 

  • Practicing mindfulness meditation to become more aware of how your body feels in a relaxed state, in contrast to how it feels when triggered. This awareness of your physical state, can alert you to your feelings, which helps you back track your thoughts and ultimately identify the trigger.
  • Recognizing them. Once you identify a trigger, it becomes easier to recognize at a conscious level, giving you more control to either remove yourself from the situation or redirect your attention to a positive thought before negative thoughts can set in.
  • Journaling. Journaling your wins about having more control over your emotions in the face of triggers throughout the day, helps render them powerless against you in the future as you anchor these new behaviors through writing them down.
  • Reaching out to professionals. Grace Brown aka ‘Coach G.’ is at your rescue! 

2. So what if your thoughts are true.

Certified Coach Grace Brown says it is perfectly okay if your thoughts are true. One of the first steps to moving forward in your life journey is accepting them, but this can be easier said than done. What most people don’t know is, if you deny or ignore them it can produce chemicals in your body that can negatively impact your mental and even physical health. In many cases, you might be faced with a problem that is internalized without even realizing it while many people are quick to try and associate it to external things or people. She suggests revisiting the situation or person so that you can identify what the true trigger is and why you felt the way you did – you may have to dig deep! It may take some work, but this is a skill that will help you in most situations as you move forward in life. 

3. Change your physiology to shift your mindset.

Grace highly recommends taking the leap towards changing your physiology. She says by hacking your mind-body connection, you can instantly lift your mood as there is a powerful and inherent connection between the two.
Some of the things you can practice to change your physiology are:

If you are feeling sad, simply demonstrating the opposite of your mood can have profound effects. Something as simple as a smile will engage the muscles around the mouth and eyes that send a message to your brain and boom! The happy chemicals begin to flow. Hum your happy song or think of one of your happiest memories or moments. Have a nature walk or go for a jog to ease your mind and clear your thoughts.

4. Redirect your focus and practice visualization.
You can redirect your focus by prioritizing your tasks. Stick your get-to-do list somewhere you can easily see and refer to and start with the ones that are most important to your day. An important next step is to try synchronizing your breathing and body. Close your eyes for a minute and focus on the sound and feel your breath, it will re-energize your body and brain with oxygen. You can also try raising your arms above your head each time you inhale and lower them with each exhale. Matching your breath with a word or movement synchronizes the frontal lobes of the brain that improve your focus. You can take this one step further with visualization  the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feels or taste of your accomplishment. Feel the emotions you would feel while engaging as many of your senses as possible as if this life is your reality now. Ask, yourself, how will you feel when your visualization becomes reality?

Redirecting your focus also helps by looking at your favorite color, flower, symbol or animal…anything that brings you joy, activates parts of your brain that you have a positive association with.

5. Remember your goals will shape your future.

Grace shares that the first thing you do in the morning before you act is think about your goals and mentally decide which are priorities. Secondly, alignment of your thoughts and actions with your goals is a necessary next step, so that it becomes easier for you to make decisions in your day-to-day life. Coach Grace recommends that you should be checking in with yourself to see how you are progressing with your goals, and take note of how your day went. If there were any setbacks, try to identify what caused them, learn from them and see what actions you can take to cope with setbacks while maintaining positive forward momentum.

You can take the first step towards mastering your mindset and life today with these steps, but you do not have to do it alone. If you are ready to take control of your life and Master your Mind, book a discovery call with Grace Brown today to see how you can get started! Keep up with all things Mindset Mastery by following them on social media: 

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