For background on Human Design transits and how they may affect you, check out this article before reading on!

March 2nd through 7thDuring this week, the Sun transits into Gate 63, The Gate of Doubt, while the Earth moves into Gate 64, The Gate of Confusion. This will be a time of reflection. The confusion process will often point you towards a memory from the past, something that can be changed to better the future for the Collective. However, it’s important to remember that we can’t force answers – if we surrender, the answers will present themselves to us. The truth will drop in and illuminate the correct path forward. Give yourself kindness and compassion as you wait to see what lessons unfold from the doubt and confusion. If anxiety creeps in, focus on your body, specifically your breathing. Notice the movement of your diaphragm as you breathe in and out and this will help to calm you.

During this time you might also start to feel a bit more emotional (if you didn’t already from the transits in February) as the Tribal Channel of Community is switched on collectively. You might feel your emotions tightening up like a ratchet, causing moodiness, until there’s an explosion of feeling. Give yourself grace during this time and try to incorporate physical touch to help ease the flow and release of those emotions.

March 8th through 12th –  In the second week of March, the Sun moves into Gate 22, The Gate of Openness, while the Earth transits into Gate 47, The Gate of Realising. This time will be all about opening yourself up to feeling grace, love, compassion, and a variety of frequencies. You’ll want to get beyond the mind and hold space for any pain or suffering that comes up. Let yourself step back, allow any thoughts, feelings or confusion to just be, and then the answers will come. Trust the process and remain open.

On March 9th, Saturn transits into Gate 55, The Gate of Spirit. This energy is all about moving through cycles and emotional highs and lows. Use Saturn’s logic and discipline to help you honour your need for alone time, as this could be a very creative time for you as well. It will also be a time to tap into the Spirituality of Gate 55 and see what turns up. At this point, Mars moves into Gate 12, The Gate of Caution. Mars is all about immaturity and Gate 12 encourages you to use caution when speaking until you have something transformative to say in your unique tone. Perhaps take this time to assess what you want to say before you say it. Make sure you follow your Strategy and Authority when entering into conversations from an aligned way. This will keep you from responding in a reactive way that brings up old habits and patterns. Gate 55 and Gate 12 invite you to channel your emotions in a creative way to communicate what you have to say.

March 13th through 18thThe need to stay open and vulnerable to the emotional process continues as The Sun moves into Gate 36, The Gate of Crisis, and The Earth moves into Gate 6, The Gate of Friction. Friction, or conflict, is essential for growth and rebirth – this is where relationships can develop and progress, especially the relationship you have with yourself. You may have to feel through cycles of intense emotion, but remember the phrase, “this too shall pass.” This is a time to be patient and trust in your resiliency.

March 19th through 24thDuring this week, The Sun transits into Gate 25, The Gate of the Spirit of the Self as the Earth moves into Gate 46, The Gate of the Determination of the Self. This week will be all about self-love, self-empowerment, and the potential to empower others to love life and everything about it. There is a child-like innocence that accompanies these energies. Allow yourself to enjoy life and live it to the fullest without letting experiences drag you down.

Jupiter moves into Gate 51, The Gate of Shock, which creates a channel for our collective energy, The Channel of Initiation. This activated energy connects shocking competition with universal love and innocence. This would be the perfect time to start a ritual or begin something new in your life.

March 25th through 30thOn March 25th, The Sun moves into Gate 17, The Gate of Opinions and The Earth transits through Gate 18, The Gate of Correction. This is a great time to reassess what you believe in and why you believe in it. As yourself, “What am I following? Whose opinions do I trust and why do I trust them? Do I buy everything that those people are saying, or just pieces of it?” Once you have the answers, don’t be afraid to challenge what needs to be corrected with an emphasis for improving the future of the collective.

In this period, Pluto will begin its long transit in and out of Gate 60, The Gate of Acceptance. From now through the end of 2024, you may feel the truth and transformation of Pluto emerge as feelings of death and rebirth. Death of the old order, the exposing of truths of structures that limit us. Then shifting to birth of the new and accepting what turns up.

For more detail, listen to the full March transits episode with Jenni Crowther on The Human Design Podcast. You can also get your chart and learn more about Human Design here.