For background on Human Design transits and how they may affect you, check out this article before reading on!

As we enter Quarter Two, The Quarter of Civilisation, we begin to fulfill our purposes through manifestation and form. This means we are bringing our ideas from the first quarter into the world. The 2nd Quarter begins on May 4th, and as it begins, focus on what you are creating with your body. This can be something physical, but it can also be through speech! Be intentional with your words and the subtle implications your speech has on your life and those around you. It can be powerful!

April 28th through May 3rdAs we wrap up April and move into May, the Sun transits in to Gate 24, The Gate of Rationalising. The Earth then moves into Gate 44, The Gate of Alertness. The shadow of this time is addiction, and this can be an addiction to thinking or believing that thinking can solve your problems.  Instead of focusing on the shadow and over-thinking situations, tap back into your body – your Strategy and Authority, and view this as a time to count your blessings. Understand that even the most painful experiences can be blessings in disguise if we choose to look at them through that lens. Use this knowledge to help yourself, but also to learn how you are viewing (or possibly judging others). We don’t know what hardships they are going through, but we can support them or hold space for them as they work through it and transform these moments into blessings.

May 4th through 9thDuring this week, The Quarter of Civilisation begins and The Sun moves into Gate 2, The Gate of Higher Knowing. The Earth moves into Gate 1, The Gate of Self-Expression. This will be a very Earthy and grounding time for our collective energy. It’s a time to heal our relationship to receiving – learning to receive love and support AND to feel worthy or deserving of those things. If you feel triggered by those around you who spoil themselves or receive positive things, then take a moment to dig into that energy and see what turns up. Remember, we can only love one another as much as we love ourselves – so take some “me time” and show yourself the love you deserve.

May 10th through 14thOn May 10th, the Sun transits into Gate 23, The Gate of Assimilation, as the Earth transits into Gate 43, The Gate of Insight. This week will be about overcoming deafness and learning to truly listen to yourself, others, and The Universe. Understand that the gift of communication comes from recognising what is in the speaker’s heart. Be intentional with your words and watch out for ways you are communicating fear-based thoughts or ideas. Tune into those around you and see if you can determine what it is they are really saying, what they are not saying, and if there is anything else internally or externally that you are refusing to hear. Where resistance comes up, that’s where you can begin a journey of discovery. Simplicity is also key during this time. Having a deep understanding of complex things can help you to communicate those thoughts in a simple way. The more you are sharing from your mind, the more complicated things become. Follow your Strategy and Authority to find ease, flow and simplicity and learn to communicate from your body, not your mind.

May 15th through 20thThis week, The Sun moves into Gate 8, The Gate of Contribution, as The Earth transits into Gate 14, The Gate of Power Skills. Themes of individuality and uniqueness start to pop up during this time and will continue for several weeks moving forward. Because of this, you may feel some fears about being different or needing to fit in. It’s important to allow yourself to be who you were designed to be and to begin to release the conditioning – the way society, families, and schools have told us who we SHOULD be. Be brave and authentic and understand that it’s ok if some people don’t care for you. Let go of the feelings of hurt or judgement and surrender to being your unique self. Colour outside of the lines, tap into your “guts” and embrace your own natural and colourful style!

May  21st through 26thBeginning on May 21st, we all get a go at some Pure Manifesting Generator energy! The Sun enters Gate 20, The Gate of the Now, and The Earth transits through Gate 34, The Gate of Power. This creates The Channel of Charisma, a pure Manifesting Generator energy. This may be a time to experiment with spontaneous action to bring your individual power into the world! Continuing allowing your uniqueness to shine into the world.

May 27th through June 1stTo wrap up the month of May, we shift from the feeling of Individual Circuitry to that of Collective Circuitry. We’ve had a few weeks of real self-expression, but now we move towards that collective energy as The Sun enters Gate 16, The Gate of Skills and The Earth enters Gate 9, The Gate of Focus. This is a time to look at the skills and details needed to get your Quarter 2 idea off the ground. By doing this, we are creating a type of scaffolding that supports mastery and reaching your dreams.

Honourable Mention – During the month of May, Uranus will move into Gate 23, Jupiter will be in Gate 3 and will make a channel with Pluto in Gate 60. Because of this, there is a potential for individual transformation that can alter your direction in life. It may even impact how you discuss what you know, since the Throat Gates are going to be activated over the course of the month. If you are in tune with your body, notice any surges of energy that push you in a certain direction. You may find that a part of your identity needs to die for you to birth a new piece and step into it. Ask yourself, “Who am I becoming? What is my identify changing to? What do I have to let go of to become that person?”

As we mutate one by one, it will help push society forward and create change on a massive scale. Focus more on that internal growth and transformation, as opposed to pushing others to change. If you change, so will the collective.

With Pluto in Gate 60, you may feel called to focus on your limitations. Understand that acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence. Allowing the limitation to take over and cause fear may cause depression – a restricted and limiting feeling. Give yourself grace, learn patience and surrender, and allow the changes in your limitations to come through without pushing them. Understand that Divine Timing is at play and things will happen as they’re meant to.

Also happening this month, is Uranus transiting into Gate 23, The Gate of Assimilation. This is a time to learn tolerance for all voices. These voices speak from their inner knowing and it’s important we hear everyone and make space for their ideas. If you feel triggered by someone’s words, ask yourself “Can I be tolerant of every individual’s right to free expression?”

During May, Saturn also moves into Gate 37, The Gate of Friendship. You may feel called to set boundaries in your relationships with friends and family. Because of Saturn’s discipline, limits, and rules, you may find that have more energy to draw the line in the sand with relationships that are not operating the way you want them to. It’s ok to enforce these boundaries, create more structure and bring balance to your relationships.

Finally, in Late May, Jupiter will transit into Gate 27, The Gate of Caring. The North Node has been here for a while, and the South Node is in Gate 28, The Gate of the Game Player. This is a time to focus on caring for yourself as well as others. Take a moment to evaluate how you are using your energy to nourish yourself, your family, your friends, and your tribe. Are you using your energy in an important way? If you were to die in a week or even tomorrow, what really matters? Be sure you’re spending your time, energy and resources on the things that truly matter to you.

For more detail, listen to the full May transits episode with Jenni Crowther on The Human Design Podcast. You can also get your chart and learn more about Human Design here.