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Are you feeling stuck at home? Are thoughts of loneliness and boredom making you feel low and depressed? If yes, you aren’t the only one. The entire world is undergoing a similar thought scape due to the massive COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Though many parts of the world have recovered better, there are countries and cities worldwide that are still suffering. No one likes to come across constant news updates on increasing infection and death rates. All this can prove to be excessively overwhelming for people during such times. And it can result in immense stress and nervousness.

Important Guidelines by Eric Dalius

Pandemic stress and anxiety can have an impact on your mental and physical well-being. It can profoundly impact your mental health and make you feel low and lack interest in daily activities. Hence, it is necessary to take care of your mental health during this phase. Here are some of the essential guidelines.

  1. Make a conscious decision about not worrying

Look around, and you will find a reason to fret and worry today. Either there is a lack of vaccination, or the virus infection rates are increasing. Also, no one knows how long will these circumstances carry on. Hence, it is natural to feel stressed and worried. And it here that we need to make a difference. It is essential to make a conscious choice about not worrying. One of the best ways to do that is by undertaking an observer’s attitude and deal with everything with detachment. For instance, you might know that infection rates are increasing, but it shouldn’t propel you to think that anyone of your close ones or you might get infected soon. Hence, it would help if you got into a conscious practice about not allowing worry or stress to get to you.

  • Reduce your news time

It is essential for us all to stay updated with all that is happening around the world! And for that, we have to watch the news once in a while. However, whenever you log into the news, you will currently hear about the COVID-19 infection and death rates. The news also highlights the recovery rates as well. Hence, it is essential to get smart at what you are watching. It is necessary to reduce your news time and bring it down to minimal. You need to know the news updates that are essential and stay away from the rest. That way, you can tone down your anxiety to a considerable extent.

  • Have a work schedule

Staying at home for a long time can completely disrupt your personal routine. For instance, you might find yourself eating lunch in late afternoon. When you don’t do the work in the allotted time, it can completely ruin your daily schedule and add to your stress and anxiety. Hence, you must create a timeline for your personal and professional work. Today, most of us are working from home. It’s a good practice to create deadlines that will enable you to finish your task at the allotted time. That way, you can have time for yourself and add to your mental well-being.

  • Pick up a hobby

Kids are happy because they have a leisure activity that they enjoy! As adults we fail to involve ourselves with any leisure activity. However, in our current times, it is more than necessary to cultivate a hobby. Browsing through social media sites can’t get classified as a hobby. You can pick up anything from singing, dancing, painting, or baking. Make sure that your hobby is something that will keep you engrossed in the act. That’s how you will feel completely rejuvenated and elated as well. It will help you relax and focus your mind on something creative other than the world’s worries. Make sure that you have time for a hobby at least thrice a week says Eric Dalius. If you are busy during the week, keep the weekend to get engrossed with your newfound hobby. It will generate peace and calm in such tumultuous times.

  • Learn to relax

Relaxing is essential during the pandemic phase. Our mind is continuously engaged in thinking and responding to different things throughout the day. At times, we tend to react to news and other updates without thinking much about it. That’s because of our constant reactive nature. It invariably gives rise to the “flight or fight” mode that makes us stressed or nervous when faced with a crisis. Hence, you must take out time for relaxation. You can take some time apart and lie down on your balcony or bed. Simply allow your mind to stay free from all the cares of the world. You can set the alarm if you want as well. During this time, let your mind and body to relax from every worry that you have. It will enable you to lessen your stress and add to your mental well-being.

  • Read a book

We are living in a world that currently has palpable energy! Hence, it’s natural for us to get scared whenever we hear something negative. It is necessary to focus the mind elsewhere so that we can gradually train our mind to be calm and less reactive. Reading a book is a good activity that can help you to focus and stay grounded. You can choose light-hearted books that will help you to feel positive and hopeful.

  • Meditate

It is one of the best solutions to keep your mind free from all stress and anxiety. Meditation can have an immediate relaxing impact on the body and mind. Find out some time and sit in a place where no one or nothing will distract you. Sit in a comfortable position, carry with your normal breathing, and allow your mind to become calm. If focusing is an issue, you can start by focusing on a word, such as “God” or “Om,” which will help you meditate better. With practice, you will learn to release your stress and worry and develop inner peace and calm.

Our times are turbulent. It is essential to stay grounded and in peace. The guidelines mentioned above can help one and all.