Sophie Shepherd

Sophie Shepherd talks and writes about women’s hormonal and menstrual health via her platforms on both her SHE Talks Health Podcast and the SHE Talks Health website. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and Women’s Menstrual Health Coach, Sophie helps women uncover solutions to the problems that many struggle with. These struggles can impact every aspect of a woman’s life from her relationships, her work life, her mental health and so much more.

With a combination of lifestyle science, nutrition, and diagnostic testing, she’s able to weed out the root causes that plague women in search of the answers they need. Too often, problems relating to the menstrual cycle get pushed under the carpet or brushed off and not properly diagnosed. Sophie’s purpose is to help women discover the underlying triggers contributing to their hormonal symptoms so they can reclaim power in their lives.

Sophie Shepherd

Sophie teaches women how to work with the natural ebb and flow of their cycles so that they can adapt their lives, communication, food choices, and activity level accordingly. By digging for real answers, Sophie uses tools that help women become empowered to understand their bodies better, so they can thrive once again.

Via lab testing, Sophie helps women uncover hidden internal stressors that may otherwise not be found such as heavy metal toxicity, mineral imbalances, infections, and gut dysfunction that can throw a woman’s entire body off. With proper data at her disposal, she’s able to custom design a program that targets behavior, lifestyle, and changes that can dramatically help and reshape women’s lives.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Many women go through life uncertain about how to target their symptoms. Other practitioners often downplay symptoms and offer blanket advice, but one-size-fits-all advice isn’t useful when it comes to menstrual and hormonal issues.

Whether women are struggling with symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, or painful periods, these issues can spread across personal, work, and social areas and make for a frustrating experience.

Sophie Shepherd

Sophie believes by taking a whole life approach and building up health in the body, women can learn to understand their bodies at a completely new level and this empowers them to move forward with confidence without feeling weighed down by ever-changing symptoms. What set Sophie on her current path? Why is she so invested in making an impact in women’s lives? Because she’d struggled with her health for way too long. She knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed with a lack of answers, feeling lousy, and not getting the help she needed. By the time she was 16, she’d already started having digestive issues. By age 22, things had spun out of control.

Between fatigue, hair loss, IBS, depression, anxiety, and weight issues, she was overwhelmed, stressed, and desperate for answers. Unfortunately, the answers she went in search of via traditional practitioners didn’t solve her problem. They pushed medication instead of real answers—medication she found she didn’t need once her body was healed. She still felt lousy, like she was 20 going on 80.

It was too much, too frustrating, and she still had too many unanswered questions. It was a functional medicine physician who finally helped her right her ship and understands how important it was to tune in and listen to your body Once she found the right answers she was able to see dramatic changes. Her hair became full and healthy again, her nails were strong, her periods became less painful, her anxiety and depression eased, her weight began to melt off, and her brain became clear again.

It was during this powerful process of watching her health collapse and then finally blossom, that she knew she had to spread the word and help other women. Today, because of her journey, she’s dedicated to reaching women who need the knowledge and resources to get their bodies back on track. Sophie’s business, SHE Talks Health, is focused on women and helping them tackle their hormonal health. It is estimated that cramps and heavy bleeding alone are responsible for nine days of lost productivity for menstruating women every year. Sophie’s vision is that hormonal health will soon share the spotlight with other debilitating, chronic health issues that women suffer from—the difference being that this is a health issue that they may be able to do something about it.

If you’re feeling frustrated or desperate about your menstrual cycle issues and are in need of answers, be sure to either visit SHE Talks Health or tune into the SHE Talks Health Podcast to learn more.

You don’t have to feel this way. There are solutions—customized answers when you have the right information.

Be sure to grab your free Seed Cycling for Hormonal Balance, a generous food guide that can help lead you back to happy, hormonal health from SHE Talks Health.