I hear so many women with great dreams, huge talent and amazing spirit say what holds them back in CONFIDENCE.

This and the fear of failure seem to be the key reason why women don’t go after their desires, aim higher or move forward with that one thing they’ve been thinking about for years.

It’s such a shame nobody teaches the power of mindset at school.

 Teaches that personal power, cultivating your thoughs and building a forte around your mind are key life tools. 

Because it’s in the mind where ALL success starts. Without a healthy mind, failure in business is inevitable.

That voice and those thoughts that float around your head any time you start to feel scared is your subconscious mind speaking. It’s filtered all negative experiences together about that one thing you don’t feel confident about and jumbled it up into one powerful story that you think you can’t break from and you believe is really true.

It’s made you think that you have all the evidence to prove it’s right by bringing up events, people, sentences, recurring phrases that all point to that one limiting belief about yourself. Its cruel and deceptive.

Here’s the thing. it’s just a “story”. A story you have created and a story you can recreate.

That voice..yeah that one that says ‘I cant’, “I’m not good enough” or “i’ll never make it” “who am I kidding” “I’m scared’. It has as much volume as you allow it to have.

You may hear that voice or it may represent itself as a gremlin on your shoulder or a nasty feeling in your stomach, however it shows up for you, the first and most powerful thing you can do to get rid of it and I mean FOR GOOD is to become AWARE of it.

Yes you might look like a mad woman but you need to stop it in its tracks and say:

” hey, wait up.. I hear/see/feel you.. . hell no! what are you doing? that’s fighting talk” And you then need to get into fighting spirit.

You need to challenge that voice and say ” where’s your evidence?” ” what do you mean, I’m not good enough?” and pull together your case like you’re defending your own children. Talk back to it, shut it down and start telling it who’s boss and who’s actually running the show because, who is? is it that voice? or is it YOU?. Yeah.

Don’t let yourself get played by some voice. You’ got work to do girl! You gotta go out and be AMAZING!

Practice being aware, shut that voice down and GO GET IT.

You and your dreams are way too important.

Jo Valentina Sinclair is a Mindset & Business Clarity coach that helps soulpurposed female coaches consultants/creatives overcome inner blocks to success and package up their brilliance so they can do what they love AND make money. If you are looking for a breakthrough in your own business, feel free schedule a Free Discovery Call here or join her Free Private Facebook Group for soulpurposed female entrepreneurs here.