1. Tell us your success journey influencing the lives through entertainment industry?

My success in the entertainment industry has been through following my passion and failing a lot but never giving up. I love creating and developing content. It could be something that I write, or with my clients, I help them develop their ideas into films or episodics. My success also comes from failing on a daily basis, getting “No” after “No” until I get a “Yes.” I always know that projects will find the right home and I facilitate that process.

2. What is your #1 advice you have for a young person who wants to follow your footsteps?

My #1 advice is to be kind to EVERYONE and be honest. When I was at Warner Bros, I developed professional relationships with the security guy at the guard shack, the woman at the cafeteria and top executives who I still communicate with today. Foster those relationships over time. Twenty years flew by for me and I do my best to stay in touch with people. You don’t want to call someone just because you need something when they haven’t heard from you in years. Relationships are everything. As for honesty, people in the entertainment industry can get desperate and not be truthful. You will be remembered for that.

3. What do you do for your well-being?

I am a Buddhist and I chant “Namyohorengekyo” an hour or more every day. It is literally the language of the universe. I chant for what I want and then take daily actions to fulfill them. The practice is all about world peace through individual happiness. I also spend time with my two beautiful daughters. We don’t do it out of obligation but rather, because we like each other very much! I do yoga daily, walk on the beach and have started traveling again.

I say, “No” a lot and don’t feel bad about it at all.


Frankie Hernandez is an award-winning film and television producer. Her projects have been nominated for many prestigious awards including Alma, Goya, Ariel to name a few. Her considerable experience working in the entertainment industry includes Warner Bros in International Marketing, Programming, Acquisitions for the Home Entertainment Digital Distribution Division.

Frankie wrote the screenplay The Other Side of Pretty (created by Frankie Hernandez, written by Frankie Hernandez and David-Matthew Barnes), which is loosely based on her experience of being single after breaking up with her high school sweetheart and finding herself in the same dating pool as her 20-something-year-old daughter. The television pilot version of The Other Side of Pretty will be filmed in fall, 2019. A writer and spoken word artist, Frankie has been part of the Los Angeles literary world for 26 years. She has recently written a collection of short stories called East L.A. stories about growing up in the ’70s with Chola fashion, classic rock, and backyard disco parties. These vignettes will also be filmed this year.

Born and raised in East L.A., Frankie currently lives in Malibu, CA. She is the mother of two beautiful grown daughters.


  • Jose Angel Manaiza Jr

    Tutor To The Stars

    Malibu Education

    MATHEMATICIAN JOSE ANGEL MANAIZA, JR. Former Child Star in La Ceiba, Honduras. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. is known as “The Tutor to The Stars” from Malibu to Beverly Hills.
    Teaching the children of Hollywood celebrities to achieve success. Mr. Manaiza has helped over 1,200 students. Including NCAA student-athletes from schools such as UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine University.
    His patented speed-reading system is endorsed by three former U.S. presidents, and he has been honored in The White House.
    In 2018, Jose was knighted by the order of the OSJ in NYC. He was the first SAT Instructor to be published  in The Huffington Post on the topic of "The New SAT Exam."   58 of his students received an overall average score of 1456 on the SAT exam, and earned admissions with full scholarships.
    He has also been given a special recognition for his work from the City of Los Angeles, and the State Of California.
    Mr. Manaiza served as The Speaker Program Director for The California's Women Conference in 2019, where past keynote speakers have included Oprah Winfrey, Norma T. Hollis, Michelle Obama, Dame Mabel Katz, Laura Bush and Arianna Huffington. He is official biographer of Garifuna Writer & Historian Santos Centeno Garcia. Mr. Manaiza is a professional speechwriter who has written over 6000 speech scripts to CEOs, world leaders, and professional speakers. His famous workshop entitled "Presidential Speechwrititng" has helped many on how to write speeches.
    Mr. Manaiza resides in Malibu, CA and enjoys his weekends sailing in Marina Del Rey. For more information, visit http://www.tinyurl.com/Malibu90265Style