I often get asked by my clients and other job seekers what it takes to stand out in a highly competitive job market and my response is always POSITIONING.

Traditional ways of applying for jobs via mass applications on job boards or company career pages simply won’t cut it, especially if you really want to get results faster.

There are more effective strategies which are active and proactive that will make you stand out from the plethora of candidates vying for the same opportunities.

These strategies position you in the job market and show off your skills
in a unique way that sets you apart from other candidates, so that
recruiters and your dream employers are drawn to you.

I call these strategies The positioning trifecta.

  1. Be the expert in your field
  2. Be a problem solver
  3. Be a role model

Let’s explore them briefly:

Trifecta #1: Be The Expert In Your Field.

Study, research and join groups relevant to your field. Leverage professional platforms and your digital presence to contribute to your industry. Create and share valuable content on tips and tricks, trends and best practices that will add value to others.

By doing this, you are demonstrating that you are not just another candidate seeking a job, but
that you have attained a certain degree of mastery in your field.

Trifecta #2: Be A Problem Solver

Don’t make the same mistakes other job seekers make by reeling out tasks on their resume.

Show that you’re not merely an order taker or task performer, but that
you add value and can contribute to your dream organization’s bottom line; either in the form of initiative, innovation or

Demonstrate your problem solving abilities and strategic thinking when
crafting your responsibilities on your resume, cover letter or

Do some research to find out what their current pain points are then propose
solutions to solve those problems.

Trifecta #3: Be A Role Model

Seek volunteer opportunities to do this, it demonstrates your leadership
qualities and it gives you a personal sense of satisfaction knowing
you’ve helped others.

You also become an example to other aspirants in your field and you show yourself as knowledgeable and a well rounded trusted advisor.

These are the same techniques I teach my clients and even though they require a lot of extra time and effort up front but they pay off in the end.

They are also integral to establishing your personal brand for your long term career development.

If you’d like some help getting started crafting a powerful resume that will make you stand out to your dream employer, get my free guide on the Top Resume Mistakes To Avoid, and what to do instead.