The human being is a rather complicated entity with many systems and traits. And right at the core of this fascinating being exists yet another separate entity which is, though fragile, unarguably intrinsically powerful. That is the mind, the psyche.

You must have read or heard about human beings being higher mammal. Did you ever ask for what justifies this lofty classification?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s the capabilities of the human mind that bestow on mankind the high rank in the kingdom of animals. But there is something very delicate about the human mind: As long as the psyche is in good order, things remain generally fascinating and fantastic. But if on the other hand, the slightest disorder sets in on the psyche, things might become extremely ugly and wastefully expensive.

Not only that, it also pathetically subverts the entire society plunges it into a state of insanity.

This is why you and I should think more about the psyche, especially at this unprecedented time in human’s modern history. I mean we need to reckon that the psyche is actually the engine room – it’s what gets things going.

What does the world stand to gain or lose?

A lot. There are just too much of bloodshed going on in the world that would not happen in a sane world. Just think of what the world would look like without the stalkers, the rapists, the muggers and what have you from the dredge of the society. Sincerely, you and I cannot harness our potential maximally in a world where racism, religious bigotry, hate and other vices thrive.

Let me tell you, we’ve got way too many deranged people in the world today. Think about the terrorists, the bloodthirsty maximum rulers, the covertly/overtly racist leaders, the assassins. This is beside those that are confined to asylums strew across the world.

You know what? We need not create them in the first place. We need not have all these rotten excuse of individuals.

So where did we get it wrong?

The number one problem is how the society passive mental health which stigmatises any mental ailments. Couple with the fact that little attention is paid to the mental health as a branch of medicine. This is especially so in developing or underdeveloped countries.

It’s appalling that despite the plethora of scientifically researched data available on the human mind, not much is being done in striving to etch sets of healthy beliefs on the human mind. In fact, psychiatric medicine is about the least practised in most countries of the world. And despite the very important roles of psychiatric nurse practitioners, they are unknown in some countries of the world, not to mention existing. Yet they could have provided the much needed support that the field requires.

What is the consequence?

Very few people have access to mental health facilities!

The way out.

Because imagining the degree of what can be borne out of the current order is so chilling, wanting a world with fresh set of beliefs geared towards individual’s emotional self-reliance is paramount.

Imagine the rate of suicide in modern days and you will understand how much our mental health has plummeted. So, it needs to start at an individual level where you become consciously aware of the fact that neglecting your mental health always has very costly consequences which affect the society at large.

Then the society. Yes, it’s the individuals that make up every society. In other words, once individuals care for their mental health, then the society will definitely enjoy sanity. But governments and organisations can actually engineer positive changes in this direction. With purposeful mental health policies, governments can deliver on this; organisations can sponsor seminars and training in schools, places of worship and work.